Tesla Model X Is Supercharger-Friendly, Here's How It's Holding Up After 200,000 Miles

Tesla Model X after 200,000 miles 7 photos
Photo: Out of Spec Reviews via Youtube
Tesla Model X after 200,000 milesTesla Model X after 200,000 milesTesla Model X after 200,000 milesTesla Model X after 200,000 milesTesla Model X after 200,000 milesTesla Model X after 200,000 miles
Many people recount the early days of electrification when the Nissan Leaf’s battery degraded faster than its tires. Still, not every electric car is created equal, and modern EVs can go many years and thousands of miles without taking a toll on the battery. This high-mileage Tesla Model X is a prime example.
We already had proof that Tesla EVs are built to last, at least as far as their batteries are concerned. One famous Model S example got to the one-million-mile mark with only one battery replacement under warranty due to a malfunction. But tesla EVs consistently prove that their batteries are built tough, with a clever battery management system that takes care of the longevity. This is true even when the car is used intensively and charged at Superchargers most of the time.

Kyle Conner of Out of Spec Reviews had the rare chance to check out a 2017 Tesla Model X 100D with more than 200,000 miles (322,000 km) on the odometer. The owner predominantly charged it at Supercharger stations, a usage type that many believe contributes to faster battery degradation. The main reason Christian uses mostly Superchargers is that he travels a lot. He claims that 75% of recharging is done at public stations.

Despite this taxing charging behavior, his Tesla did not suffer too much. The usable battery capacity of his 100D was 93.7 kWh when it was new. According to his calculations, it’s still around 83.8 kWh after five years and more than 200,000 miles traveled. This translates to roughly 10% degradation, which is remarkable, considering how often he fast-charges his car. This is consistent with reports about the 100D battery being more reliable than the older 90D.

Beyond the battery degradation, there isn’t much to talk about at Christian’s Tesla Model X. There are many reports about failing quality at Tesla, but this example is rock solid. His owner had only minor problems with the car. Christian mentions a few rusting spots and water seeping into the trunk, which he intends to fix soon. He also says a few minor suspension issues were fixed by Tesla. Other than that, there’s no rattle, and the Model X remains sturdy and comfortable.

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