Tesla Model X Has Off-Road Party in Ibiza

If any vehicle bears the SUV designation, sooner or later somebody's bound to take it off-road regardless of how ridiculous that prospect might seem in the real world.
Tesla Model X off-road 1 photo
But there are more ways in which a car can leave the paved infrastructure and say it has gone off-road. Actually, that's one of the conundrums: does off-road refer to anything that doesn't involve asphalt, or does it require the total absence of any kind of road, no matter the surface?

From a grammatical point of view, it's the latter should apply, but then another question beckons: what counts as a road? When does one stop being a road and turns into a trail? And then there are the so-called roads in some parts of the world (yes, Russia, we're looking at you, though you're not alone in it) that are worse than many off-road trails we've seen or been on. It's all a big uncertainty, so let's just go with our instincts and skip a definition altogether.

Since the Model X is the world's first electric SUV, that means it must have gone off-road at some time. Given its price tag and relative scarcity, you'll understand why most owners would be reluctant to such gimmickry, but not the craziest Tesla owner in Norway - and there are a lot of them - Bjørn Nyland.

Unlike Bjørn, who preferred the snowy wildlands of Norway, Sebastian here took his Model X out on the dry trails of Ibiza, the Spanish island renowned for its beach parties and other things that might get us into trouble with your parents if we brought them up.

It's been proven the Model X is by no means an off-road machine, despite its ability to raise the car and increase its ground clearance. This video tries very hard to make it look as though it breezed through some very tough and rocky trails, but the truth is it's all in the camera work.

Placing the camera at ground level near the obstacles gives us an ant's view of the action, making it seem a lot more impressive than it really is. In reality, the suspension on the X barely had to work and those trails would have been negotiated just as easily in almost any car you can think of.

But don't think for a fact this is the last time you'll see the Model X in this kind of environment. And when the Model Y comes out, its "crossover" description might not be enough to save it from the same fate either. I tell you, it's tough being an SUV these days - when you're not on your way to soccer practice, you're forced to humiliate yourself by making this kind of trails look difficult.


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