Tesla Model X Gets Stuck in the Sand in Unknown Circumstances, Has a Tide Wash

Whenever someone decides to post a video showing how capable a certain vehicle is off-road, you just know at least one other owner will see that and think to themselves, "hmm, that means it can go anywhere, doesn't it?"
Tesla Model X stuck on the beach fighting the tide 33 photos
Photo: Taylor Ogan via Twitter
Tesla Model X stuck on the beach fighting the tideTesla Model X stuck on the beach fighting the tideTesla Model X stuck on the beach fighting the tideTesla Model X stuck on the beach fighting the tide
Never mind the fact there are several YouTube channels belonging to people who make a living out of rescuing stranded vehicles that usually ended up in that situation because their drivers were being overly optimistic, that can't happen to them. They've seen how good their vehicle is in another clip, so they'll be OK.

Well, just because your car sends power to all four of its wheels doesn't mean there is no situation where it can still get stuck. Drive on mud with the wrong tires, for instance, and watch all four of your wheels spin without the car moving one inch. Drive it into deep enough snow and it'll get banked, a situation where even the best tires wrapped in chains won't help.

Sand is another tricky one. Here, the trick is to let as much air out of the tires as is possible and safe at the same time because that increases the contact patch of the wheels. A bigger patch equals a larger surface on which to spread the weight of the vehicle. In turn, that makes it less likely to dig in and, like in the snow scenario, end up flat on its belly, with the wheels resting in four wheel-sized holes.

An all-electric SUV like the Model X, with its massive weight, is probably one of the least suitable vehicles to take for a bit of wheel dipping into the ocean, but that didn't stop this owner from trying. As we said in the title, we know absolutely nothing about the backstory here, but unless the vehicle was stolen from its owner and brought to the beach, we're taking the liberty to place the blame on the driver.

After all, taking it to the beach is one thing, driving it where the beach ends and the ocean begins, completely another. They could have parked the EV at a fair distance from the shoreline and forgot about the tide, we'll give them that, but it's going to be a very costly mistake, by the looks of it.

Not only is all that salty water going to do wonders for the Tesla's already shoddy paintwork, but it looks like one of the rear doors is also crept open. Even if the ocean wasn't particularly angry that day and didn't take the X to sleep with the fishes, it still brought their smell to that interior and no detailing or air freshener is ever going to get rid of it. If you're on the market for a used Tesla Model X, beware of a dark blue one owned by someone living close to the ocean. Or, better yet, don't by before you smell.

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