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Tesla Model X Does Tug of War With Military Tank, Drag Races it Too

Petrolheads are never tired of seeing how ICE cars hold up against EV power. Being one of the fastest-growing EV brands worldwide, Tesla's popularity led people to try and test the company's models against various diesel-powered mammoths. When that wasn't enough, fans even had fun doing tug of wars with heavyweight vehicles.
Tesla Model X vs military tank tug of war 6 photos
Tesla Model X vs military tankTesla Model X vs military tankTesla Model X vs military tankTesla Model X vs military tankTesla Model X vs military tank
I'm talking about the Tesla Model X that we saw battle an army hummer and a Ford F-150 Super Duty. And if that action-packed scene wasn't enough for some, now people have gone one step further and put it to the test against a military tank (yes, an actual tank).

The crazy idea comes from the Dobre brothers, who run a pretty popular Youtube channel known as the Dobre Cars. Given the attention they get (more than 1 million subscribers just from one channel alone), they make enough bucks to afford an impressive million-dollar car collection which includes a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, a Ferrari 488 Pista, a Mclaren 720, and many other flashy vehicles.

Of course, they own several Tesla models as well, including the Model X that they used to race against a military tank. Oh, yes, they also have a tank now. The Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Tracked) or CVR(T) is a relatively lightweight military vehicle thanks to its aluminum armor.

When compared to other tanks such as the U.S. Army M1A2 Abrams, which weigh roughly 120,000 lbs (54 tonnes), this one has a featherweight of only 20,000 lbs (10 tonnes). When compared to the Tesla Model X, however, it's a different story.

Yes, the tank did not stand a chance against one of the fastest SUVs when it came down to the drag race, but you can imagine that the Tesla did not have enough traction or weight to win against a tank in the tug of war. The massive force even broke the rope the brothers attached to the vehicles. They had to come in with a proper metal cord that would hold up. Surprisingly, Model X did incredibly well, even though it was pretty obvious from the get-go that it can't match the force of a military tank.

You can see how the Tesla gains a bit of ground for a few seconds, slightly dragging the tank. But when the armored beast goes for that full speed, the electric SUV stops spinning its wheels and gets pulled by the tank. Tesla clearly did not go down without a fight on this tug of war.

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