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Tesla Model S Will Receive 75 kWh Battery for Entry-Level Version

Tesla has confirmed the introduction of a 75 kWh battery on the Model S offer, but has not specified a timeline for the launch of the new version.
2017 Tesla Model S Facelift 1 photo
Reportedly named 75D, the new variant of the Tesla Model S might lead to the elimination of the 70D, the current entry-level of the electric sedan.

The introduction of the 75 kWh battery in the Model S range was disclosed by the California Air Resources Board, which published a list of eligible vehicles for the single-occupant carpool lane stickers.

For those of you who do not know what these stickers are, here’s a quick introduction. The carpool lane stickers allow drivers of eco-friendly vehicles which have been certified by CARB to drive in the carpool lane even if the car only has one passenger. To be allowed to do this without getting a fine, a person must request a sticker for their vehicle.

The guys at Electrek noticed the introduction of the new version, and have requested comment from a Tesla representative.

Fortunately, they replied, and now we have official confirmation that the Model S will be available with a 75 kWh battery. Sadly, the unnamed Tesla representative who responded the query of Electrek did not provide a timeline for the introduction of the new model. Considering the new version received CARB certification this year as an MY2016 vehicle, we expect it to be available soon.

The other CARB-certified versions of the Tesla Model S have 70, 85, and 90 kWh battery capacity. The rumored 100 kWh Model S has yet to be certified by the California Air Resources Board. This version was expected to be launched with the facelift of the Model S, but the rumors did not materialize.

The range of the Model S is expected to be increased from the 234 miles (376 km) of the rear-wheel drive 70 kWh version to around 250 miles (402 km) for the improved variant. This is an estimation based on the 7% enhancement of the battery’s capacity.


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