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Tesla Model S Wagon Looks Brilliant. Too Bad It Won’t Happen

Let’s say you happen to own a Tesla Model S, but your big family has transportation demands your EV simply can’t meet? Perhaps next year’s Model X might solve your luggage issue, but what if you can’t stand crossovers?
Tesla Model S Wagon rendering 1 photo
Well, we have good news and bad news. The negative side has to do with such a model not being on the Silicon Valley carmaker’s agenda, at least not in the foreseeable future. Tesla has plenty of research fields in which it currently activates, as the company also works to build the charging infrastructure required for popularizing EVs, among others. Plus, wagons aren’t exactly the most popular segment in the US.

Fret not, we have a solution for you, which comes in the form of the rendering above. With the pixels having been rearranged by Rain Prisk Designs, this Tesla looks as legit as the Model S sedan, if not better.

And since the move was aimed at increasing luggage capacity, the good old roof box is also present. What? Anybody who’s tried to go on vacation with more than one small child knows your little ones have the power to render your standard trunk useless, regardless of what you think fits in there.

Oh, and in case you plan to use the rear-facing seats in the luggage compartment of the Model S, a station wagon would allow adults to sit back there - those outside the Tesla world should be reminded that the current arrangement is only suitable for children.

Sure, the air suspension seems to have been pushed a bit past its limits here, all in the name of the Fitment God, but we’re in the virtual world here, so there’s no point in talking about suspension geometry matters. It’s probably all about facile ingress and egress for the little ones.


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