Tesla Model S P85D Price Drops, Powertrain Options Simplified

It's been a little over a month since the Dual Motor all-wheel drive Model S P85D made its official debut, yet a lot has happened at Tesla during this time.
Tesla Model S 1 photo
First deliveries of the Model X crossover have been pushed back to Q3 of 2015, then Tesla Motors announced the Model S gets a more competitively priced lease program with a neat return policy.

But the news this time around is that the Palo Alto-based electric vehicle maker has dropped several powertrain options from the Model S lineup, but also cut the original sticker price of the Model S P85D by a considerable margin. Let’s start with what variants of the Model S you can’t buy anymore, shall we?

Believe it or not, Tesla Motors wants us to believe the all-wheel drive Model S 60D didn’t exist at all...

...even though this option was available for order on the company’s website right after the P85D’s launch on October 9th. To boot, the performance-oriented RWD P85+ also hit the bucket. That leaves the current Tesla Model S lineup as follows: the 60 kWH (RWD), 85 kWH (RWD), 85D (AWD) and P85D (AWD).

As for pricing updates, the Model S 85D is a little pricier than previously announced ($84,900), while the range-topping P85D is now $104,500, a dramatic cut compared to the $120,170 original price. But here’s the funny thing about this cut - it comes as the result of Tesla dropping previously standard kit such as the Smart Air Suspension, 21-inch wheels and Tech package, which are now optional extras.

Last but not least, something that nobody will ever miss - Tesla Motors will drop the boring green and brown exterior finishes for the Model S all-electric sedan. Good riddance and never come back!


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