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Tesla Model S P85D Races a Ferrari F12 and Loses

Every time we saw a Tesla Model S racing an iconic sportscar and humiliating it, we thought to ourselves "this really has to stop". And today, a champion of… well, the rich people… has risen to slay the electrical monster.
Tesla Model S P85D Races a Ferrari F12 and Loses - Video 1 photo
We're about to watch a race between the twin-motor P85D, which is the most extreme version of the Model S ever built, and the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, which is the most powerful supercar made by Maranello with the exception of the LaFerrari.

As the official numbers would suggest, the F12 loses to the all-wheel drive Tesla off the line. There's nothing it can do about that, since the twin-motor setup sends all the torque out right from the beginning, while the Ferrari needs to reach 6000 before it can release its full 690 Nm (509 lb-ft) of torque.

But as the two cars pick up speed, the extra power and better gearing of the Ferrari give it a huge speed bonus, helping it win the race by 0.52 of a second, clocked by the speed trap.

Later that day, the P85D, which by the way has been fitted with ADV.1 wheels and OEM tires, went out alone and did a 11.60 quarter mile run at 116 mph. It's impressive, but the Ferrari is just in another league of performance.

So which would we have? The answer is simple: both. The Tesla is great if you want to cruise along in silence and never visit a gas pump, while the Ferrari F12 is pretty much the pinnacle of V12 performance right now, if you ignore the really exotic stuff that costs into the millions.

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