Tesla Model S P100D Loses 50 HP after 96,000 Miles, Drag Races Model 3

Tesla Model S P100D Loses 50 HP after 96,000 Miles, Drag Races Model 3 Performance 1 photo
Photo: YouTube screenshot/DragTimes
Tesla Model S P100D with Ludicrous - it's the king of the road. Not uncontested, but the king anyway. Yet even royalty ages and could be dethroned by a younger monarch. So let's find out under what circumstances a Model 3 Performance can win against its uncle.
Of course, racing a P100D against a Model 3 doesn't make any sense. But the setup we have from DragTimes is unique, in that it features a 3-year-old used Tesla with almost 100,000 miles on the clock.

To be more precise, it had done 96k miles, which has had a few downsizes. There's the range, obviously. Everybody who has a phone has seen the battery capacity go down, and it's the same with electric cars.

In the case of the Tesla, its range has gone to 283 miles at full charge from the original 317 miles. That's 455 and 510 kilometers in the metric system. But nobody thinks of the power output being decreased.

When new, this very P100D had 567 kW of output, equivalent to 771 horsepower. But after three years it's at 528 kW or 718 horsepower. Basically, 50 hp is missing from those double motors for whatever reason. Obviously, not every car will have the same losses.

ICE cars are also known to lose power over time, but to entirely different components that EVs don't have, such as fuel injectors, spark plugs or head compression loss. Modern components are less likely to wear out, and you can tune the lost power back into the car. Will we ever get there with EV? Tesla has kind of done that by unlocking more performance with over-the-air updates.

As for the drag race itself, the owner of the newer Model 3 knows he needs to have amazing reaction times to be in with a chance. Despite the power loss, the P100D can still do 60mph in under 3 seconds, so it's really no competition.

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