Tesla Model S P100D and a Mattress Make the World's Quickest Bed

When you own a Tesla Model S P100D and a McLaren 720S (as well as other supercars), and you drag race both of them regularly, there probably comes a time when you start getting bored, so you need to spice things up a little.
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Enter the Tesla Dream Case. That's a foldable memory foam mattress from a third-party company that's made specifically for the back of the Tesla vehicles to turn them into veritable mini motel rooms. Since EVs can have their AC running without the need of an engine humming in the background, this accessory really makes more sense than it would for any other conventional car.

Brooks from DragTimes, this video's host, even comes up with a very reasonable situation in which the accessory could become handy. He talks about sleeping in the car during a power outbreak if the temperature outside is too high (or too low, we guess) since using the Tesla to power the house's systems wouldn't be too efficient.

But while all that sounds very useful, it doesn't sound fun at all. Lying in the back of the car while somebody at the wheel slams the throttle pedal in Ludicrous mode, on the other hand, does, so it's exactly what Brooks has planned next right after unpacking the mattress.

He initially thinks about having a few runs with his two kids at the back, but common sense gets the better of him in the end so he tries it out first. And it's a good thing he does because it turns out the friction force between his clothes and the linen on the bed has no chance of matching the P100D's torque.

In other words, if you ever wanted to see a grown man surrounded by stuffies come crashing into the inside of a Tesla Model S' tailgate, then you're in the right place. It may only hit 2.6 seconds for the 0-60 mph acceleration, but it was enough to make Brooks realize that had he done it with the kids first, he probably wouldn't have been able to show us since, helmet or not, childcare might have wanted to have a word with him.

(the action starts after the four-minute mark)

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