"Unsafe" Tesla Model S Sold by Ignorant Owner

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Whether they're tree-huggers, eco-warriors, tech-freaks, speed-freaks, hippies who like to go against the flow or simply persons who want to drive electric cars, a lot of people out there would fancy a Tesla.
The asking price, however, is something that put a lot of them off, especially in the beginning when there were no entry-level options. Don't worry, this isn't going to be another Model 3 eulogy that highlights how the new, smaller sedan is going to change all that.

Nope, it's about people buying pre-owned Teslas, which used to be the only way you could get the Palo Alto EVs for under $50,000. Well, in this guy's case it was still $60,000, but that's because he bought a P85 model which was $122,000 when new, and he did it two years ago.

He is a father of three, so he chose a version with the jump seats, allowing two of the kids to sit in the trunk and free up more space on the back seat. With his family in the car, it's only natural that he gives safety a lot of thought, and that's precisely why he wants to sell the Model S.

Wait a minute, aren't Teslas incredibly safe? Yes, they are, but you'd have to get into a crash to benefit from it. And that's exactly what the owner of this vehicle is trying to avoid. But with balding rear tires and the unpredictable weather in Utah, apparently, that's getting harder and harder to do.

He says that because it is a rear-wheel-drive model, the Tesla is eating rubber for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And sometimes even has midnight snacks. But guess what? That's what all sporty cars with 21" wheels do.

If he had bought the car new, the Tesla representative would have told him that opting for the 21" wheels (instead of the 19" ones) is going to put a whole in his budget tire-wise. Like the car, they are performance oriented, meaning they sacrifice durability for maximum grip.

Instead of changing the whole car - which he admits the entire family loves - he'd be better off buying a new set of smaller wheels. But perhaps this was just an excuse to get a new car, and also make a video that would stir up some controversy. In that case, well played, my friend.

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