Tesla Model S Officially Launched

Tesla Model S 1 photo
Photo: Tesla
When the Governor of California attends an event, you know it’s something big! Yesterday, June 22nd, will remain in automotive history as a grand day: the day the Tesla Model S was officially launched. All speakers who took part in the event called it the best car in the world, then the best sedan, then the first luxury sedan powered solely by electricity - we honestly hope they got those all correct.
There was a real sense of pride amongst the Tesla workers, as people like CEO Elon Musk, California Gov. Jerry Brown, Model S designer Franz von Holzhausen praised the car, while the workers cheered in the background. Who wouldn’t want a luxury sedan that can seat up to seven people (two of which have to be kids), with a range comparable to a normal car’s (in the top spec version, at least), and a sub six-second (sub five-sec in the top spec) 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) time, while controlling all the car’s functions from a gargantuan 17-inch touch-sensitive display - while that last part may not be the most practical solution, as you always have to look before you press, it’s still awesome to behold.

The event also marked the start of customer deliveries, with the first three cars being delivered to their owner’s doorsteps, in an attempt to “make them smile”. Two cars went to Chicago and one stayed in California, while the rest were picked up by their owners from the factory, being part of the launch ceremony.Now, after this grand launch, it’s time to see these cars we’ve heard so much about, on the road, doing their thing, quietly and cleanly.
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