Tesla Model S Mounts a Toyota Camry in Florida, Damages Two More Cars

Model S crash in Florida parking lot 1 photo
Photo: Plantation Fire Rescue
This picture deserves an explanation. How did that Tesla Model S end up where it is and, most importantly, why? Well, the truth is that the image only tells half the story, the other half being at least just as ridiculous as a Model S humping the front of a Toyota Camry.
Don't worry, this isn't another case of the driver blaming Tesla's Autopilot or Summon features - at least not yet. It would appear the cause of this crash is a lot easier to determine, coming down to a good old case of human error. And what an error it is.

The Tesla driver, who remains unnamed at this moment, appears to have begun his nap a little too early, shutting off before the car came to a complete halt. This is weird, to say the least, as the electric vehicle was already inside a parking lot in Florida, so all the driver had to do to prevent this unfortunate event was pull into the nearest unoccupied space, switch off the car, skip counting the sheep and just go to sleep.

The first information - provided by the Plantation Fire Department Battalion Chief Joel Gordon and relayed by the Sun Sentinel - says that the man driving the Model S fell asleep while still on the move. The passenger then grabbed the wheel, but with no control over the pedals, there was little he could do to prevent the accident. And by "little," we mean absolutely nothing.

It would appear the Tesla hit a curb which is what sent the vehicle so high up in the air. It managed to jump over it and land straight on a Toyota Camry that was parked there. The force of the impact sent the Japanese sedan hurling into the car next to it (a Nissan Sentra) which, in turn, hit a Ford Focus.

Since the three cars damaged by the Tesla didn't have anybody on board at that time, nobody was injured, with the two occupants of the EV emerging out unscathed. Not the same can be said about the Toyota, which suffered extensive damage to its front left side and roof due to the Tesla's weight.

We're not sure what exactly is happening, but it sure looks as though the number of incidents involving Teslas is starting to grow. However, the good news for those who bought their cars from Elon Musk's company is that usually in case of an accident, it's them who come out on top. Literally, this time.
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