Tesla Model S Is Red and Ready for Christmas Thanks to Vilner

For a car so famous on the internet and with such dedicated owners, it’s strange how so very few Teslas have made the subject of spectacular transformations at the hands of various tuning houses.
Tesla Model S by Vilner 16 photos
Photo: Vilner
Tesla Model S by VilnerTesla Model S by VilnerTesla Model S by VilnerTesla Model S by VilnerTesla Model S by VilnerTesla Model S by VilnerTesla Model S by VilnerTesla Model S by VilnerTesla Model S by VilnerTesla Model S by VilnerTesla Model S by VilnerTesla Model S by VilnerTesla Model S by VilnerTesla Model S by VilnerTesla Model S by Vilner
It could be that their owners are so happy with the car they don’t feel the need to change one single thing about it, or that the Model S is so new, people haven’t grown tired of its looks yet. Or it could just be that there aren’t that many around compared to other tuner’s favorites like the Porsche Cayenne or the BMW X6, for example.

Things could change a little after Tesla owners see what the guys at Vilner did to a Model S P85+. It’s true that the trip to Bulgaria - where Vilner comes from - might prove a little more difficult, as that region of Europe isn’t very EV-friendly in terms of charging points, but results such as these make renting a flatbed tow-truck a worthy investment.

On the other hand, Vilner is expanding, with a new shop having opened in Beijing just a few weeks ago, so if you’re not in a hurry, they might be coming to you shortly. Anyway, enough about the authors, let’s focus on the subject.

The Tesla Models S has made a name for itself mostly due to two aspects: its blistering acceleration speed off the line and its impressive range. The car does look stylish, but it’s not what propelled it to the status of one of the most desirable vehicles of the moment.

This is where Vilner jumps in with its yards of leather and Alcantara and the liberal use of carbon fiber. The latter found its way mostly to the outside of the car where it replaced the piano black plastic on the nose, so that it now matches the look of the stock rear spoiler. There’s carbon fiber on the mirror caps as well while the wheels have been painted black, just like the Rolling Stones have been telling us for years.

As usual, though, it’s the inside where Vilner excels, but this Model S is kept well within the boundaries of tastefulness, despite using red as the primary color. There’s plenty of black, too, with the gray headlining replaced by black Alcantara. There are discreet red inserts on the sun visors, the steering wheel or at the bottom of the instrument cluster. The more obvious use of the color are the seats, which are wrapped in red Alcantara and black Napa leather, just like the door panels.

As in most cases, Vilner created a set of bags matching the car’s interior - something like a signature for the brand.

While red is often a tricky color to use without falling into the tacky category, Vilner seems to have pulled it off with this Model S P85+ and, we’d suspect, is waiting for other potential customers.
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