Tesla Model S Humiliates Street Racing Porsche 911 and Mustang

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You could call the first Tesla Model S a "sleeper." Not only was the car 100% electric powered - which everybody knew was no match for the V8 muscle - but it also looked like a rather luxurious large sedan with five seats, four doors, and a liftgate.
Since then, though, the EV's antics on the drag strip have become the stuff of legend, so if you still find yourself surprised that one of these vehicles smokes you in a race, it's completely on you. Try spending more time on the Internet and keeping up to date with who's who and does what.

In their defense, these two ICE sports cars weren't looking to pick a fight with the Tesla. They were too absorbed by their own little competition to notice a third vehicle had pulled alongside them and was watching the traffic light with unusually high attention.

The two - a Porsche 911 and a Ford Mustang - floor it, and even though all windows in the Tesla were up - not to mention the questionable music Kevin Sadeghian, the owner of the EV was listening - you can still hear their engines roaring.

A slight whine from the Tesla is also audible, but the noise-to-acceleration ratio of the EV is in a completely different ballpark than those two. In fact, you can even see how they slow down once they notice their little race had become irrelevant. It must have been a bit embarrassing even for the 911, which would have won was it not for the S.

Still, they should count their blessing because had Kevin driven a P100D, the outcome would have been even more painful. His car is a Model S 100D, the non-performance version of the dual-motor sedan with the largest possible battery pack. While still not short on boost for the 0-60 mph acceleration (3.6 seconds according to official numbers), this particular model is best known for having the biggest maximum range out of all Teslas (and subsequently all EVs): 335 miles (540 km), though a record run saw it go for 670 miles (1,078 km). Watch the spanking below and feel for Kevin as he starts laughing hysterically.

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