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Tesla Model S Coupe Widebody Rendered as the Halo Car Tesla Needs to Build

You don't need to be a car nut to figure out Tesla is currently in the midst of an aggressive expansion. And with the company having to pay close attention to how it uses its still-limited resources, it's obvious that it's too early to have the T logo on everything.
Tesla Model S Coupe Widebody Render 1 photo
Sure, easy money seekers may have put the Tesla logo on illegal drugs (you know, the kind of Ibiza pills), but we're talking about the Palo Alto automaker having a long way to go until it can fully diversify its line-up.

However, this is where the world wide web comes to help, with the rendering seen here allowing us to get a taste of what should one day be a Tesla coupe.

The pixel rearrangement, which comes from digital artist Rain Prisk, transforms the Model S we all know, as the EV goes from a sedan shape to a nicely-sculpted two-door appearance.

That's not all, though. In order to avoid looking like an aftermarket conversion that played with the roofline, the doors and the pillars, this digital contraption has also been gifted with a widebody kit.

On one hand, this changes the proportions of the car. On the other hand, the aero package also allows us to focus on the sportier details of the resulting machine.

Any carmaker with premium intentions, a label that fits Elon Musk's company perfectly, needs image vectors and a coupe such as the one seen here would be fully suitable for such a role.

Nevertheless, given the details mentioned in the intro, we probably have some serious waiting to do before the Tesla website includes such a model. And, given the green carmaker's practical nature, we might just be treated with a new-age four-door coupe rather than a conventional one. But that's another story for another time.


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