Tesla Model S Asking To Be Hacked for $10000

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You might think that having a huge touchscreen system that controls everything inside a Tesla Model S, the car can be an easy target for hacking. Well, there were some successful attempts in the past to open doors and mess around with the settings, but Tesla said it took care of the flaw. Will it work?
That’s what security experts will try to find out at the SyScan 360 conference taking place in Beijing between 16-17th of July. According to a Forbes report, everyone who registers in the event will be able to grab a computer and try to hack Tesla’s flagship sedan that will be there.

The contest organizers want to see if the Model S can be controlled from a PC, opened or messed around with in any other kind. The winner, i.e. the one who does the most “damage”, will receive a $10,000 (€7,335) prize for the effort.

Tesla is said to not be involved in the contest at all, so we hope hackers will be merciful enough to share the possible flaws with the automaker. That if Tesla won’t figure them out for its own.

Earlier this year, Tesla Motors Club forum user nlc used a 2 row 4 contact male header to connect to that 4 pin connector on the left of the Mode S’ dashboard. After fiddling around for a while, the guy received a call from Tesla, telling him the engineers seen a tentative of hacking on his car.

He explained it was him trying to see some useful data like speed and power, but they told him to stop if he doesn’t want his warranty voided. His deed was considered industrial espionage and some say that the difference between the 40 kWh Tesla and the 60 kWh version was only a limiting software that could be removed. Tesla admitted and that’s you can’t get a low-power Model S anymore.
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