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Tesla Model 3 Review Sees Doug DeMuro Talk About Plenty Of Quirks

Described as “the coolest car of 2017,” you might be tempted to give Doug DeMuro the thumbs up for his view on the Model 3. But he’s wrong. Tesla’s cheapest EV to date has been long in the making, production issues have yet to be sorted, and people are waiting years to receive their cars. Although Elon Musk has been overhyping about the Model 3, there’s a lot to like about the newcomer. And a lot to make yourself ask, “But… why?”
Tesla Model 3 hazard lights button 6 photos
Tesla Model 3 on CraigslistTesla Model 3 on CraigslistTesla Model 3 on CraigslistTesla Model 3 on CraigslistTesla Model 3 on Craigslist
Let’s start with the “but whys,” starting with the button for the hazard lights. It’s a regular button, and it operates like any other button, but its location is strange. So, where is it? The button to rule all buttons in the Model 3 is integrated into the dome lights panel, and that’s unfamiliar by all accounts.

By comparison, the Model S and Model X have the emergency blinker button next to the infotainment screen. The quirkiness continues with the key, which the Model 3 doesn’t have. Owners need to sync their cars to a smartphone app or use a hotel card-like key. How do you use the latter? Well, place the card on the B-pillar, and you’re in! And speaking of the B-pillar, the Model 3 featured in Doug DeMuro’s latest review suffers from a noticeable flaw.

Please observe the chrome-finished window trim. Or more to the point, how the trim doesn’t align at the B-pillar, where the front and rear doors meet. Tesla is known for this kind of foible, with Model S and Model X owners knowing all too well thatTeslaisn’t synonymous with “build quality.”

At the end of the day, however, DeMuro can’t help but give a positive verdict.Overall, I loved the Model 3. I love the simple interior, I love the cool tech, I love the acceleration and I love the fresh and innovative approach.” And it’s pretty good value too, even if you’re talking about a fully-loaded Model 3.

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