Tesla Model 3 'Project Highland' Rumored To Land in the US This Summer

Earlier this month, we learned that the refreshed Tesla Model 3 would start test production on June 1. Although Tesla denied the report, the information has been confirmed by a new source, adding that the Model 3 Long Range announced in the US will be the refreshed variant.
Tesla Model 3 'Project Highland' rumored to land in the US this summer 7 photos
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Tesla Model 3 "Project Highland" renderingTesla Model 3 "Project Highland" first pictureFirst glimpse inside the refreshed Model 3 cockpitFirst glimpse inside the refreshed Model 3 cockpitNew Tesla Model 3 “Project Highland” prototype spotted in the wildNew Tesla Model 3 “Project Highland” prototype spotted in the wild
Last year, we learned that Tesla is working on a refreshed Model 3, and the information was soon confirmed by several prototypes caught on camera during testing. The first images puzzled us all, considering that they did not appear to show any modifications. It was also the first time anyone saw camouflaged prototypes of a Tesla vehicle undergoing testing on public roads. Things accelerated toward the end of last year, with more prototype sightings and reports confirming the changes Tesla plans to its most affordable model.

Things culminated with the leak of the first image of a refreshed Model 3. The design change was modest but enough to give the "Project Highland" prototype a more focused look. It also showed that Tesla had no intention to stop the cost-cutting spree. The prototype lacked fog lights, making people wonder whether Tesla integrated them into the headlights or deemed them unnecessary, considering the psychic powers of Tesla Vision. Whatever the case, the refreshed Model 3 doesn't look half bad, in my opinion.

Things got more heated with the rumors of production starting at Giga Shanghai on June 1. Chinese sources were specific about this being a test production. Still, Tesla felt the urge to contact local media and deny that mass production starts in June. Beyond the bizarre wording, which technically doesn't contradict the initial reports, Tesla is known for denying things that later proved true. This is likely the case, as another source confirms Project Highland production will begin in June.

Not a Tesla App could confirm the previous reports from an independent source who has provided accurate information in the past. Not only this, but the source also claims that the Model 3 Long Range reintroduced in the US recently will also be Project Highland. Orders for the new model are estimated to ship in June, which seems too early, considering the test production starts in June. Tesla would likely need more time to fine-tune the production line, and we've seen how long it took the refreshed Model S and Model X to start deliveries.

Still, this doesn't exclude that the production at Fremont might be more advanced than at Giga Shanghai. After all, those prototypes had to be assembled somewhere. It would also explain the fast delivery estimate and the $3,750 tax credit offered according to Tesla. This aligns with what's on offer for the Model 3 RWD, suggesting that the cars and parts of the battery packs are produced in the US. We're close enough to June deliveries, so we'll surely find out soon what the Model 3 LR will look like.
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