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Tesla Model 3 Performance Ain't No All-Wheel-Drive M3, and That's a Fact

Tesla might’ve wanted to destroy the M3 with its Model 3 Performance, but a new drag race shows it, in fact, cannot. To really get a proper conclusion out of it, the organizers also added an RS5. Here’s how things went.
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BMW M3 with M xDriveTesla Model 3 PerformanceAudi RS 5 with QuattroM3, Model 3, and RS 5 drag raceTesla Model 3 PerformanceM3, Model 3, and RS 5 drag race
For starters, let’s get one thing straight: nobody doubts that the 460-HP Tesla Model 3 Performance is overall a good vehicle. If reviewers are fair in their assessments, you also won’t find someone that’ll bash this American EV for its power figures. It has its flaws like any other car on the market, but it’s not something that deserves harsh criticism.

On the other hand, the M3 with M xDrive (very creative, BMW) feels like one last hurrah for the internal combustion engine (ICE). It has an updated in-line six-cylinder that enthusiasts and owners alike praised for its qualities. The gearbox also helps in putting the power down for maximum traction and almost instant delivery. The carmaker somehow managed to give this sedan a controversial face with the double, elongated grille. The four-door 510-HP Bavarian representative is, however, one piece of amazing engineering.

The Audi RS 5 is another good car that participated in this drag race. It can’t be commended for something extraordinary, but Ingolstadt knew it had to offer something different. So, they tried with a V6 and quattro all-wheel drive. The end result might not impress a lot of people or do well in drag races, but the car will make its owner happy. It has enough power, it boasts maybe the best interior of the three cars included in this drag race, and it looks to par.

What differentiates these vehicles for the consumer in the first place might be the price. The BMW costs $102,654 (£78,425), the Model 3 Performance is $78,540 (£60,000), and the Audi can be yours for $92,940 (£71,000). Mind you, prices are for the UK market. In the U.S., things might look a little different. Out of these three, only Tesla can benefit from some government grants since it’s all-electric.

In the end, it can be only one winner. And you’ll be surprised to find out who.

The drag race starts surprisingly tight between the three cars, but the Audi gets left behind early. The Tesla and the BMW continue their run, with the M3 xDrive staying in the front. In the end, the ICE wins!

Unfortunately for the Audi RS 5, its smaller brother – the RS 3 – was put to the test a couple of weeks ago against the rear-wheel-drive M3, and it lost. The four circles brand doesn’t have a winning solution yet, but we hope to see a real contender from it soon.

BMW nailed it with the all-wheel-drive M3, and you have to give them credit for it.

Carwow’s Mat Watson is also doing the rolling race and the braking test with the three cars drag raced here. We won’t spoil these outcomes for you, as you can watch what happened down below.

But there’s something we have to say! As previously mentioned in regard to who might end up as the champion… Well, the winner is you. Carmakers are still competing for our hard-earned cash. They might ask for a lot of it nowadays, but we have enough options on the market to get exactly what we think suits us best. Choose what you like, enjoy it, live and let live.

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