Tesla Model 3 Easter Egg Takes You To Mars

Of all car manufacturers currently in existence, Tesla has the biggest thing for Easter Egg eccentricities. Similar to the Model S and Model X, the all-new Model 3 has a handful of singularities of its own. One of them hides in the satellite navigation menu of the electric sedan, and it’s so, so cool!
Tesla Model 3 "Mars" Easter Egg 1 photo
On the subject of how YouTube user “jurvetson” tapped into the Easter Egg in question, the steps are simple to follow. In the satellite navigation menu, pop up the “About Your Tesla” sub-menu, then wait for a few moments. The ensuing transition reveals three icons, namely “More Cowbell,” “Mars,” and an app that works with the touchscreen as a sketch pad. Now tap on “Mars” to bring the Red Planet up on the 15-inch screen, along with the Curiosity rover.

While in “Mars” mode, going back to the “About Your Tesla” sub-menu depicts the Model 3 in the form of a sci-fi space shuttle adorned with two ginormous wings. Unfortunately no, the user can’t drive the Curiosity rover on the surface of Mars as one would expect, but who cares anyway? With this Easter Egg, head honcho Elon Musk managed to integrate a bit of SpaceX quirkiness in Tesla’s cheapest and potentially most successful EV yet.

Before mid-2018 sees the addition of Dual Motor and Performance options, the Model 3 is currently available exclusively in rear-wheel-drive and in left-hand drive configuration. RHD production for the UK will kick off sometime in 2019, and the most the new Model 3 can drive on a full charge is 310 miles.

Tesla has 455,000 deposits on the Model 3 at the present moment, with production scheduled to number in the 5,000 per week by the end of 2017. The cheapest variant retails at $35,000 before government incentives and prides itself on 220 miles of range, 60 mph in 5.6 clicks, and not much else.

The future will see the Tesla Model 3 spawn a crossover equivalent dubbed Model Y. Look forward to seeing the Y on U.S. streets in two years' time.

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