Tesla Model 3 Closed Track Testing Caught on Camera

Tesla Model 3 testing on the Fremont track 6 photos
Photo: YouTube screenshot
Tesla Model 3 testing at the Fremont trackTesla Model 3 testing at the Fremont trackTesla Model 3 testing at the Fremont trackTesla Model 3 testing at the Fremont trackTesla Model 3 testing at the Fremont track
The Tesla Model 3 seems to be headed toward the final testing phases, which is good news for all those 400,000 people who have already placed a down payment and are hoping the EV makes it into production as quickly as possible.
Sightings of the third Tesla model (excluding the Lotus-based Roadster) have started to pick up over the last few months, with almost every new one showing something the previous one didn't. The cars themselves were all in different stages of completion, so getting a crystal clear idea of what the final car will look like was pretty difficult.

One of the biggest concerns is the interior, which at this point is revolutionary in a way that might upset the more conservative of the non-conservative Tesla fans. To put it bluntly, we still have no idea what that "spaceship-like feel" that Elon Musk was talking about means, and from what we've seen so far, the Model 3's dashboard has absolutely nothing adorning it except for a horizontal display, a steering wheel, and a long slit from where the cold air is supposed to come out.

However, nobody appears to be too worried about that, and everyone trusts that whatever Tesla has thought of it will be just fine for them. What they do care about are maximum range and dynamic performances.

A recent comparison between the Model S and Model 3 provided a few answers on that front, but seeing the numbers is one thing, and actually watching the sedan on a test track a completely different one.

It looks like Tesla organized the closest thing to a public testing session on its track in Fremont, because a lot of videos have popped up lately showing the EV having a run on the closed circuit. They're all shot through a wire fence from a great distance, so quality isn't top-notch, but it's enough to see the EV stretch its legs.

Despite being on a non-restricted road, it doesn't look as though Tesla did any high-speed testing in particular, but given how the absence of an engine sound can take away ten or 20 mph from the actual speed of the vehicle, the Model 3 wasn't probably going too slow either.

The best part is that the car looks to be ready for production, which it should be starting anytime next month. It also appears to have more balanced proportions when seen in motion, which solves the only other noticeable foible the Model 3 still had. Now, all Tesla needs to do is make sure there aren't any other hidden ones before it enters production.

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