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Tesla Launched a New Home Charger, It Works With All Other Electric Vehicles

Tesla has introduced a new home charger for sale on its online store. The Wall Connector, as Tesla calls these devices, is the first product of its kind offered by the brand in North America without the company's proprietary connector. Instead, it comes with a J1772 plug.
Tesla Gen 2 Wall Connector with J1772 plug 8 photos
J1772 plug on Tesla Gen 2 Wall ConnectorTesla Gen 2 Wall Connector with J1772 plugTesla Wall Connector with Tesla-only plugTesla Wall Connector with Tesla-only plugTesla Wall Connector with Tesla-only plugTesla Gen 2 Wall Connector with J1772 plug product page on Tesla's online storeTesla Gen 2 Wall Connector with J1772 plug
The new Wall Connector from Tesla is a Gen 2 one, and it can provide up to 9.6 kW of power for a single vehicle. That is a limit of 40 amps, and the connector has a 24-foot-long (7.3 meter) cable, as well as multiple power settings.

The sleek wall connector can be fitted both outside or inside without an issue, but the work needs to be done by a certified electrician. Mind you, a 50-amp circuit breaker will be required to allow maximum power output from this charger, as Tesla notes.

Tesla's new level 2 charger has a price of $415, which is not that high for what it is, as Electrek notes. Unlike the third-generation Wall Connector from Tesla, this one does not have Wi-Fi connectivity. What is even more interesting is the fact that Tesla recommends a different Wall Connector for Tesla vehicles.

As you have probably figured out by now, the J1772 plug does not work straight-up with a Tesla vehicle, as it needs an adapter to work with it. Therefore, it does make sense for Tesla Motors to recommend a different kind of wall charger for its models, one that it already manufactures and sells, and one that works without any adapters.

Tesla's recommended Wall Connector for models made by the American marque costs $500 for the model with the 24-foot cable. A Tesla vehicle can get up to 44 miles (ca. 71 km) of range added per hour with one of these chargers.

Both the J1772 and the regular Wall Connector from Tesla can operate simultaneously in the same household and power-share to maximize existing electrical capacity. The latter is required if someone wants to charge two or more electric vehicles simultaneously. However, the power-sharing function will only work when the charger is connected to other wall chargers of its kind.


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