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Tesla Is Very Much Against Model 3 Owners Using Performance-Enhancing Hacks

Just some weeks ago, Elon Musk was saying in an interview that he was ok with people tuning their Teslas with third-party products, in order to get the most out of them. Well, so much for that.
Locked screen on Tesla Model 3 after installation of third-party solution 3 photos
Locked screen on Tesla Model 3 after installation of third-party solutionThe "Boost 50" third-party solution for Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor
Last year, Tesla launched “Acceleration Boost,” an over-the-air $2,000 upgrade that unlocked 50 hp extra on the Model 3 Dual Motor, and brought down the 0 to 60 acceleration to 3.9 seconds. Model 3 owners who wanted the performance upgrade but thought two grand was too much to pay for it were offered another aftermarket solution this year, this time from a third-party: Ingenext launched “Boost 50.”

“Boost 50” is basically “Acceleration Boost” at a much lower price ($1,433, to be more precise). It offers those extra 50 hp, along with 0 to 60 in 3.8 seconds, improved throttle sensitivity and a special “Drift Mode.” It may also void your car warranty because Tesla is very much opposed to you installing it.

Tesla has finally taken notice of this “hack” and it’s going to war against it. According to users using the Ingenext solution and pouring their hearts (and frustrations) out on reddit, after installation, they’ve started receiving in-car notifications of an “incompatible vehicle modification” that could result in a “potential risk of damage or shutdown.” Electrek reports that, while the car remains driveable, the notification won’t go away and remains locked on the screen.

The same publication notes that Ingenext is working on a patch that will allow users to update and retain the solution. This probably means Tesla’s next step will be an update to defeat the patch, and so the dance begins. Or, as some commenters online are calling it, this is Tesla “going full Apple.”

As of the time of press, Ingenext has listed a new “wait for confirmation that the update is safe” for the “Boost 50” solution. Whether getting a performance-enhancing upgrade at $600 discount is worth voiding your car warranty is, in other words, entirely up to you.


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