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Tesla Hoverboard Looks Like a Blast, Has Smartphone Control

The video that brought us here, as spectacular as it is, certainly has nothing to do with reality. So let's take a bit of time to establish what this rendering is and what it isn't.
Tesla Hoverboard rendering 4 photos
Tesla Hoverboard renderingTesla Hoverboard renderingTesla Hoverboard rendering
For starters, the clip manages to portray a dream that many have already had (for instance, Google already suggested "Tesla Hoverboard" well before I finished typing it).

However, digital artist Iskander Utebayev (you might know the pixel master via his bat.not.bad label) has done an uber-elaborate job, which allows the video to be rather convincing.

Well, this clip might appear like a commercial, especially given the financial market piece of the video, but there's no solid reason to believe the adventure has such a purpose.

You see, the said label constantly comes up with pixel stunts of the sort and, given the Palo Alto automaker's popularity, it's only normal for this to be included in the list of topics.

Speaking of which, this pixel house is perhaps best known for its smart key videos, such as this Koenigsegg shenanigan, which makes the actual Egg key fobs seem like they could use an update.

Of course, road-going "hoverboards" (compared to the Tesla toy imagined here, these really need the quotes) and other machines, such as electric scooters, could use some extra safety features, along with proper training sessions and legislation that would enforce all these. So let's try to keep things on the safe side and take care of the said matters before hopping on a levitating board and trying to beat Tony Hawk at the flippin' game.

Meanwhile in the real world, Tesla Motors' engineers are working overtime to complete the development of the next-gen hardware, with prototypes having recently returned to the Nurburgring. In fact, here's the latest development car upgrade the electric vehicle maker has come up with.


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