Tesla Hikes Autopilot Price, Says It Reflects Its Value Better

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When nobody's willing to pay you a compliment, you can sometimes feel better by telling yourself how pretty/handsome you are. However, even if it does work, if words get out and others find out about it, you can expect a little backlash.
That's basically what Tesla is doing right now after boosting the price of its Autopilot feature with one-fifth of what it used to cost. Up until yesterday, people who bought a Tesla had to pay $2,500 extra to benefit from the semi-autonomous driving system's features upon ordering, or $3,000 if they decided they wanted it afterward.

That was possible because all Tesla vehicles built after the end of 2014 have been fitted with the necessary hardware, so clients were basically simply paying for a software unlock.

Well, following the announcement of the new 100 kWh battery pack that goes into the Model S and Model X P100D - but with no direct connection - those prices have now increased to $3,000 and $3,500, respectively. The price increase comes days after reports suggested that Tesla will add several new sensors for its second-generation Autopilot system, so the extra money might suggest a new silent implementation, with the unlocking to come at a later date.

However, it turns out that isn't the case. All things electric web site Electrek contacted Tesla and asked about the reasons behind the new pricing, and a spokesperson replied that it was "to better reflect the value of the product."

In other words, Tesla has been selling the feature too cheaply until now, which if you think about it, it does make plenty of sense. Just look at the price other premium manufacturers ask for more rudimentary active cruise control systems, and you're left with no option but to agree with Tesla.

And just like the five-star hotels that charge a ridiculous amount for wireless internet access even though cheaper establishments offer it for free, this could prove to turn into a nice source of extra revenues for Tesla. $500 may not sound like much, but that's exactly what the buyers paying in excess of $60,000 on a new car will think, all while ticking the box next to the "Autopilot" extra.
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