Tesla Got Rid of the Costly Acceleration Boost Upgrade for the 4680 Model Y Standard

Tesla’s newest Model Y that comes with the 4680 cells and the updated structural battery pack can’t accelerate faster any longer. The option to lower the 0 to 60 mph time has been removed. As per usual, there is no communication from the company regarding this change. However, here are some reasons why this happened.
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When Tesla first started delivering the new Model Ys with the 4680 cells, owners of the Standard version of the crossover were able to pay up and enjoy a faster car. If you don’t know this yet, Tesla is exploring various options to get more money from customers that are not getting better equipped or more expensive versions of the same vehicle. With the freshest base-spec Model Y that includes the new cells and the structural battery pack, customers could have opted to spend $2,000 and get improved acceleration.

Even though deliveries are just starting to happen for these vehicles that have been ordered since last year, the Model Y Standard isn’t available anymore. The crossover has been taken out of Tesla’s lineup because, as Elon Musk said, it wasn’t fit for the “standard of excellence” that apparently is a common practice at the automaker. Without going into detail regarding recent events that upset some customers, this could be interpreted as “the car was too cheap, the profit margins were not big enough, so we just went ahead and cut it from the roster.” The cheapest Model Y customers can order today and expect delivery next year is the Model Y Long Range which starts from the recently hiked price of $65,990.

Remaining true to its nature, Tesla decided to simply remove the costly upgrade that enabled shaving off 0.6 seconds from the 0-60 mph (0-96 kph) acceleration time by adding approximately 50 HP. This would’ve made the Standard version of the crossover faster than the currently available Model Y Long Range. It’s not yet clear what will happen with those owners that paid for the upgrade already. Their cars may just remain faster (and carry a premium on the used market), or, at some point, Tesla will ask them if they want their money back and a slower crossover. Keep in mind that nothing has been confirmed or denied in this respect. Everything's on the table.

The acceleration boost option is also available for the Model 3 Long Range since 2020, but multiple owners say it had not been deactived for this vehicle. The standard rear-wheel-drive car didn't get it from the very get-go.

Tesla might’ve done this with no prior notification because the company thought it would be a good idea to not make the Texan Standard Model Y faster than the Long Range version, but it can also show that the company collected some data and wanted to take precautionary measures. Knowing the automaker’s habits, this $2,000 option could return at some point but with a higher premium.

The acceleration boost option has been available for only 10 days in the app, as you can see in an owner’s video down below. The only thing that remains available as an upgrade in the Tesla app for Model Y Standard owners is the $12,000 FSD Beta.

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