Tesla FSD Beta V11.4.6 Adds the Ability To 'Maintain Speed for Traffic Flow'

After a long hiatus, Tesla finally rolled out FSD Beta V11.4.6 to more beta testers. While the release notes point to a bug-fix release, hidden features reveal this version is more complex. One of the more intriguing features is the ability to keep up with traffic speed, even when the speed limit is set lower. This is something a human driver would normally do, but Tesla risks scrutiny from safety bodies such as the NHTSA.
Tesla FSD Beta V11.4.6 adds the ability to "maintain speed for traffic flow" 6 photos
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Tesla FSD Beta V11.4.6Tesla FSD Beta V11.4.6Tesla FSD Beta V11.4.6Tesla FSD Beta V11.4.6Tesla pushed two different versions of the FSD Beta at the same time
Tesla paused public releases of its full self-driving software after deploying the V11.4.4 in mid-June, supposedly to bring more refinements. Although on July 8, Tesla employees were treated with the V11.4.5, this was never released to paying customers. It took more than two weeks to prepare the V11.4.6, which is now seeing a wider rollout. This means the new version doesn't have obvious issues and was deemed safe enough for the general public.

The only change documented in the V11.4.6 release notes is related to the Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) system. More specifically, Teslas on the latest FSD Beta build will be able to apply automatic emergency braking on all objects recognized by Occupancy Network, not just vehicles. This should offer increased safety around vulnerable road users (VRUs) and other objects. We still don't know what this means in real life or what are the objects that will trigger AEB.

Elon Musk also offered insight on this version, revealing that it should reduce phantom braking or "unnecessary slowdowns," as Musk said. Again, we can only take his words for granted because we still lack evidence of this improvement. This is a significant change if proven true. Still, FSD performance largely depends on many Teslas feeding data into the system. This explains why some users reported stellar performance while others with the same software version complained about issues.

On Wednesday, the FSD Beta V11.4.6 build rolled out to more beta testers, who wasted no time reporting their experiences. So far, these have been good, with noticeable improvements in lane selection and highway merging. An interesting undocumented change is that Tesla allowed the cars to increase speed over the limit to match the speed of surrounding vehicles. When this happens, FSD Beta displays "Maintaining Speed For Traffic Flow" on the infotainment screen.

The Dirty Tesla Twitter (X?) account reported that his car was speeding to 69 mph in a 60 zone because all other vehicles on the highway were doing the same thing. This is something that humans do regularly, and seeing FSD Beta adjusting to this habit seems like a massive improvement for those who've seen it in action. A vehicle driving slower than all the rest will become an obstacle in fast-moving traffic, likely to cause a crash at any moment. Still, this behavior might not be to the NHTSA's liking, considering how the agency always insists on obeying the traffic rules.

We don't know whether this version of the FSD Beta software will see a broader rollout in the following days. Still, Tesla is already working on the next major iteration, V12. Elon Musk previously said that V12 would not be beta software anymore, hinting at a long development cycle. The software is now in the alpha stage, as revealed by Elon Musk on Thursday. The Tesla CEO also said this build is "mind-blowing," although it will be long before we learn more about it.

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