Tesla Forbids Cybertruck Owner To Resell His Truck After It Didn't Fit Inside Building

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A Tesla Cybertruck owner discovered that the truck would not fit inside the building, so he tried to resell it. He went the official way to satisfy the no-resale clause in the sales contract, asking Tesla for permission. However, Tesla would not buy it back nor allow him to sell the Cybertruck to a third party.
Tesla started deliveries of the Cybertruck in November 2023, and interest in the outlandish pickup truck skyrocketed. Anticipating that scalpers would try to speculate on this popularity, the EV maker introduced a no-resale clause in Cybertruck's sales contract. This is not unusual, as other carmakers have tried the same method for their most sought-after models.

The clause forbids owners from reselling the truck in the first year of ownership unless the Tesla is the buyer or agrees to the transaction. Owners who resell the Cybertruck without notifying Tesla risk a hefty fine, which starts at $50,000 and can get as high as the entire profit they make from reselling the truck. In addition to this fine, owners who sell their Cybertruck without Tesla's approval risk being banned from ever buying another car from Tesla.

However, neither the fine nor the ban threat worked as Tesla intended. Legal experts and lawyers believe the fine is difficult to enforce. Tesla has banned several people from buying a Tesla, but only a few unlucky ones and certainly not enough to deter others. This is why countless Cybertrucks have been sold on car auction platforms, with prices sometimes going over $250,000.

Things appear to have cooled down lately, with some people struggling to find buyers. As Tesla Cybertruck production ramps up, it's less likely that an overpriced pickup truck will easily find buyers. It appears that even Tesla finds it hard, so it's less interested in buying back the trucks from those who don't want to keep them for various reasons.

Blaine Raddon brought his Cybertruck home just to find out that he could not park it inside the building complex because it would not fit. Since he couldn't park it at home, Blaine decided to sell the truck and took the official way. He politely asked Tesla to buy it back or allow him to sell it to someone else. However, Tesla denied both requests, even though Blaine didn't want to make a profit. He just can't keep the Cybertruck.

Based on previous reports, Tesla used to offer a fair price for a traded-in Cybertruck. One Cybertruck AWD owner resold the truck to Tesla for $98,000. This was $1,978 less than what he paid for it, which is a fair depreciation for a truck that drove almost 8,000 miles. According to the contract, if you sell the truck back to Tesla, it pays the full price minus $0.25/mile driven.

However, it appears that Tesla is no longer interested in buying back Cybertrucks. This means that it's busy trying to sell its own production and buying some of them back would make it even more complicated. If this is the case, we might see the Foundation Series sales ending soon. Only so many people are willing to pay over $100,000 for an electric pickup, so this could be good news for those still waiting for the regular, non-Foundation Series models to start deliveries.

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