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Tesla Enthusiast Buys a Brand-New 2022 Model Y, Says the Car Is "Unacceptable"

A convinced Tesla enthusiast bought the updated 2022 Model Y. He traded in his 2021 Model Y just to have the latest technology available. Now that’s a decision that haunts him. Here’s what he said went wrong and why he’s disheartened now with Elon Musk’s auto company.
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Dylan Hong decided there was no time to waste and ordered a new 2022 Model Y for himself. He chose the same specifications as his last year’s car had them and waited. He even got ready to record the whole thing and share the experience with his friends and followers. Unfortunately, nothing went as he hoped.

Wanting to make a video about what’s new with the 2022 Tesla Model Y Long Range, Hong ended up showing everyone that he gave away a good vehicle in exchange for $65,000, one that came with a lot of unexpected problems. The man says he’s already at the fourth service schedule in under a month of ownership.

Besides receiving a poorly cleaned vehicle, he found windows with black smudges that can’t be washed, loose components in the cabin, improperly placed trims, weird noises coming from the center console, a glovebox that doesn’t close properly, scratched leather on the dash, and even a slightly damaged mirror housing.

“You know, it doesn’t really feel like you’re getting a $65,000 car when you are taking delivery of it,” said the YouTuber.

But while driving for the first time on the highway, he heard an annoying noise coming from the back of the Tesla.

Hong also points out that he’s not the only one experiencing this disappointing situation. Other Model Y owners that create a lot of content revolving around Tesla’s products are looking at the same problems. The high-pitched whine coming from the motors on the back axle is one issue that ofte occurs with the updated Tesla crossover.

Among his followers, there are other Tesla customers who shared surprisingly similar grievances. Many underlined they had similar quality issues, but most of those who wrote about their recent delivery experiences confirmed something worrisome. They more or less underlined that “uneven panel gaps were within spec.” That’s not something a customer of any type of new car wants to hear, especially in this current market condition. This is even more true as we remember that Tesla somehow kept having this alignment issue since the Model S came to fruition.

Hong also says in the video you can watch down below that the service center didn’t help with his problems as comprehensively as he would’ve wanted. “I’ve had continued issues getting Tesla to properly address the things that are wrong with this car. This is not the customer experience that I was expecting or hoping for,” said the man.

Other people that watched the video available down below said they have Model Ys waiting for them and are now worried they might have to not accept the delivery. Nobody wants to delay getting their beloved all-electric car. Also, stepping away from internal combustion engine vehicles for a while is what most Americans who commute want right now.

The most valuable car company in the world, a disruptor in a very conservative industry, and such a resounding brand name should never make its paying customers feel what a low-quality product is like.

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