Tesla Drivers Need to Get Off Their High Horse: They're Human After All

First, it was the Toyota Prius drivers. Ever since the Japanese hybrid became the symbol of anti-global warming movement, its drivers started looking down on all the rest, with a particular penchant for large SUV or pickup owners.
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These days, hybrids have fallen back in their fight for the environment, with the EVs taking up their role. There are several models on the streets all over the world, but none of them seem to entitle their drivers to feel superior to everyone else more than Teslas.

We have a slight feeling that it's loosely related to the company's CEO, Elon Musk. The people who buy a Tesla don't just get a car, they buy into an idea. They think they are driving the change, pushing for an industry overhaul that will eventually see all cars have zero tailpipe emissions. And, as hard as it may be for some to admit it, recent events - see the short- to mid-term strategies for almost every major carmaker in the world - show that they are actually right.

However, instead of playing it cool, they tend to be overly in-your-face about it. You can probably count the number of Teslas out there without a green-themed vanity plate on the fingers of one hand. What they don't get is that you can't convince somebody of your good intentions by pummeling them with insults and obsessively repeating how crap they are for driving the car they happen to love.

It's easy to forget you're not perfect when you're too busy pointing out the flaws in other people, so here is a clip somebody (probably not a Tesla fan) put together of all the fails and road rage incidents involving Tesla drivers.

You may have seen some of them already, but you'll still giggle at a few like that red Model S that's trying to park in a spot fit for a smart fortwo. Or the other red Model S driver (a pattern is emerging here) that's having trouble reversing the (admittedly big) car in a parking space, so they slowly jiggle back and forth until they smash the throttle pedal and slam into the concrete pillar. These and a lot more funny incidents in the clip below.

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