Tesla Cybertruck's Gigawiper Is Again in the Spotlight As Wiper Motors Fail Repeatedly

Tesla Cybertruck's gigawiper motors fail 6 photos
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Tesla Cybertruck's gigawiper motors failTesla Cybertruck's gigawiper motors failTesla Cybertruck's gigawiper motors failTesla Cybertruck's gigawiper motors failTesla Cybertruck has a kilowatt wiper motor
Tesla Cybertruck's gigawiper has puzzled people since the first prototypes were spotted wearing it. The gigantic contraption is again in the spotlight after Cybertruck owners started complaining that the wiper motors were failing. The issues started popping out as storms and bad weather put a strain on the wiper assemblies.
Early prototypes of the Cybertruck lacked wipers and side mirrors, and many Tesla fans considered that a cool feature. However, when the first pictures of a production-ready Cybertruck surfaced in 2022, people were shocked to see one gigantic wiper positioned vertically in front of the driver. The contraption was considered a temporary solution, and people fantasized about futuristic solutions, including shooting lasers to vaporize raindrops before they reached the windshield.

The more they wanted the wiper to go away, the more Cybertruck prototypes were spotted sporting one. Soon, it became clear that the single wiper would make it into production, and people found a funny name to make it more acceptable: the Gigawiper. Sure enough, the Gigawiper made it from the prototyping phase to crash tests, proving it could survive a nuclear war. Jokes started to spread, and people pitied police officers who had to raise it to slip parking tickets under it.

After Tesla started Cybertruck deliveries in December, VP of Engineering Lars Moravy explained to Jay Leno the benefits of the new 48-volt system. During the video, Moravy bragged that Cybertruck's wiper motor developed up to 800 watts to move the Gigawiper from its vertical position. Moravy explained that being so big, the Gigawiper needs a lot of power to overcome the airflow when it slides horizontally. Later, Moravy admitted he had made a mistake, and the wiper motor only had about 120 watts. That's still more than double the power of a regular wiper motor.

Half a year from then, it appears that the biggest mistake was actually not using an 800-watt motor after all. The 120-watt motor in the Cybertruck is not up to snuff to move the Gigawiper reliably. Many Cybertruck owners complained that the wiper motors failed, sometimes repeatedly. Tesla has, apparently, paused fixes until it figures out a better solution.

One Cybertruck owner in Houston confirmed this, saying that others are in the same situation and that Tesla would not help them. Tesla staff used the term "containment hold" to explain why they are no longer repairing the wiper motors. This is unpleasant for some Cybertruck owners, considering the bad weather in some regions. You cannot drive without wipers in the rain, which is why Tesla should offer a fix or a recall, considering it concerns safety.

There are many complaints about failed wiper motors on social media, some as far back as last month. Many reported that the motors simply failed to start wiping after working fine previously. Some noticed that the wiper was slightly off, which suggests the airflow might have caused the mechanism to fail even when not actively using the wipers. Others didn't care to test the wipers when they took delivery and only noticed the faulty wiper when it rained.

Given that so many people have problems with the Cybertruck's Gigawiper, Tesla might be forced to issue a recall. A beefier wiper motor and gearing should probably be used, considering the size and weight of the wiper. The sheer size of the Gigawiper is also likely to cause problems in strong winds when motors need to work a lot harder.
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