Tesla Cybertruck Owner Ends Up in ER After Cutting His Wrist in the Truck's Side Panel

Tesla Cybertruck owner gets to ER after cutting his writs in one of the truck's side panels 6 photos
Photo: bdesign via Cybertruck Owners Club
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Tesla Cybertruck has a unique design, and it's full to the brim with tech, but its stainless steel body panels can be dangerous if you're not paying attention. One Cybertruck owner discovered this during delivery after slicing his writs open in one of the truck's side panels.
Tesla fans have always bragged about the Cybertruck's "cutting-edge" features, but they never thought of the literal sense of the term. Well, after the first Foundation Series Cybertrucks were delivered, people started to learn what cutting edge actually means. Specifically, the stainless steel body parts are too thick and tough to have their edges hemmed, so Tesla left them straight. Some Cybertruck edges are pretty sharp because of that, cutting almost like a knife, as some people discovered the hard way.

To give you an idea of how sharp the Cybertruck edges could be, a YouTuber conducted an intriguing experiment. Unlike the weak anti-pinch protection saga, which causes the frunk to "eat carrots," cucumbers were used this time. Sure enough, the YouTuber managed to peel the cucumber in a door panel with surprisingly little effort. What's worse is that people who don't know how to open a Cybertruck door could inadvertently put their fingers in that area. Pushing onto that edge with a bit of force might result in a small injury.

What's worse is that this is not just a hypothetical possibility that most people might not encounter in a lifetime. It could happen to anyone, as it happened to a Cybertruck owner as it took delivery of the truck. The Cybertruck Owners Club forum member bdesign described the experience in a forum post, noting that the delivery was not exactly smooth. Clearly, the Tesla Service Center team did not properly prepare the vehicle for delivery.

Specifically, bdesign mentioned that the Cybertruck had the windshield dirty on the inside, a loose rubber seal along the tonneau cover, and a small dent was visible on the tailgate. Later, while he was driving the truck home, a panel came off from the bed. However, what intrigued him during delivery was a stain on the tailgate, so he touched the area with his fingers. He immediately felt a sharp pain, which caused him to jerk his hand away. While doing so, he slit his writs open in a sharp corner where the side panels and the tailgate meet.

The blood started poling on the ground below him, so the service center employees fetched a first aid kit and helped disinfect and bandage the wound. After taking delivery of the Cybertruck, bdesign got home, where he discovered that his wound hadn't closed. In the end, he was forced to go to the emergency room, where he got professional help.

This isn't the first time a Cybertruck owner cut themselves in one of the Cybertruck's sharp edges. Earlier this month, another owner got his leg injured while closing the door. The door's corner slit his leg open, so he had to go to a hospital to get the wound stitched. Tesla had better do something or more people would get hurt.
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