Tesla Cybertruck Next to Ford F-150 Raptor Shows Weird But Practical Design

Pickup trucks should be all about practicality, and while that may have been true decades ago when the first of their kind were built, things have definitely changed more recently.
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The Ford F-150 Raptor is one of the best examples in this sense. It's based on the Blue Oval workhorse - which also happens to be the most successful model in the current lineup -, but it takes the classic recipe and adds some pizzazz to it which some people might consider uncalled for. Since we're talking workhorses, to some the Raptor is akin to putting a dress on your mare while it's plowing a field: unnecessary show-off.

Well, to be fair to the Raptor, it's not just the dress, but also some horse-grade steroids because you also get significantly improved performance. It's more like putting your heavy-duty animal through a fitness regime that turns it into a racing horse that hasn't forgotten how to pull a hefty load either. It truly is having a bit of both worlds, which is what makes the Raptor so great.

The Tesla Cybertruck won't have to deal with any horse-related analogies since it'll only come in 'Raptor' form. The electric pickup is expected to bring Tesla's ridiculous dynamic performance levels to the working vehicle segment just like it did with everything it's touched before. That being said, it looks like the Cybertruck will also offer high levels of practicality as well, and this clip is the perfect exemplification.

It's weird how nobody (and by that, I mean Elon Musk) placed the two vehicles next to each other in real life, but luckily somebody did so in the virtual one. For some reason, the author of the video chose a Ford F-150 Raptor with the SuperCab option, which has a considerably smaller cabin than the Cybertruck's. A SuperCrew would have been a more suitable choice, but it would have put the Raptor at a disadvantage by making it longer overall with both interior room and bed length inferior to those of the Tesla.

The Cybertruck is set to have a 6.5-foot long bed, with Musk even considering the possibility of collapsing the rear seats as well as the bed and cabin divider to allow longer items to be transported. That's something gas-powered pickups could do as well, but just look at what Bollinger is doing with its prototype to get an idea of why EV architecture might be better suited for pickups. Meanwhile, Ford only builds the Raptor version with a 5.5-foot long bed regardless of cabin type (non-Raptor SuperCabs get 6.5' standard while SuperCrews have it as an extra; Regular Cabs offer an 8'-long bed).

But there's one thing we shouldn't forget while comparing the two: you can go out and buy one of them right now, while the other is nothing more than a promise - as well as a prototype you can drive, but only if you're Elon Musk or Jay Leno.

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