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Tesla Cybertruck Might Just Get a Heavy-Duty Paintball Gun Accessory

The Tesla Cybertruck doesn't really need anything else to be a complete eye magnet. The angled design of the electric pickup truck is more than enough to ensure it won't be able to pass unnoticed anywhere it goes.
Weaponized mini Tesla Cybertruck 10 photos
Weaponised Tesla CybertruckWeaponised Tesla CybertruckWeaponised Tesla CybertruckWeaponised Tesla CybertruckWeaponised Tesla CybertruckWeaponised Tesla CybertruckWeaponised Tesla CybertruckWeaponised Tesla CybertruckWeaponised Tesla Cybertruck
The Cybertruck looks like it took the design team more time to convince everybody else in the company to go with this version than to actually draw up its shape. It's one of the few cars whose body you can recreate on paper using just a ruler. Throw in a coin for the wheels and you can come up with a pretty accurate complete representation of Tesla's future battery-powered truck.

Its design sparked a lot of discussions when it was first revealed, and it looks like it still does. That can only mean good news for Tesla who is yet to bring the new model to market - in fact, the company is still working on the actual plant where the Cybertruck will be assembled, so Musk's deadline for the end of next year looks uncertain at this time.

People's interest in the vehicle, though, is an absolute certainty. Its futuristic - maybe slightly playful - design inspired people to come up with the silliest ideas for different applications for the wedge-shaped vehicle, and you won't be surprised to hear that some of them were in the military field.

Yesterday, a guy called Brian Heide tagged Elon Musk in a tweet asking the Tesla CEO to offer a "Not-a-rail-gun" as a Cybertruck accessory. Somewhat needlessly, Brian also asked Musk to make it "planar so that everyone can tell me my rail gun looks like something a 6-year-old designed" before ending his tweet with a laughing emoticon.

Clearly, Brian doesn't need a rail gun, nor does he expect Musk to make one. Except Elon replied to his tweet with a counteroffer: "What about a heavy duty, paintball machine gun mounted on the bed rails?" Please notice this tweet does not end with any kind of emoticon.

Coming from any other CEO in the automotive industry, this would simply be brushed aside as a harmless little joke. Then again, no other CEO has made and sold a Not A Flamethrower flame thrower, albeit under the name of one of his other enterprises, the Boring Company. So, could this turn into another one of Elon Musk's ridiculous side projects?

Well, you could see that happening, couldn't you? You could also see Musk invest in a big arena where Cybertruck owners could take their vehicles paintballing. After all, what the point of being a billionaire if you can't have fun with your money?


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