Tesla Cybertruck Might Be Bulletproof, but the Windshield Is Its Achilles Heel

Tesla Cybertruck's windshield cracks easily 8 photos
Photo: Anthony Schmidt via Tesla CyberTruck Facebook group
Tesla Cybertruck's windshield cracks easilyTesla Cybertruck's windshield cracks easilyTesla Cybertruck's windshield cracks easilyTesla Cybertruck windshield damaged by hailTesla Cybertruck windshield damaged by hailSkateboarding is bad for the Tesla CybertruckSkateboarding is bad for the Tesla Cybertruck
Tesla has promoted the Cybertruck as a tough, "Apocalypse-ready" pickup truck, thanks to its bulletproof exoskeleton and "armor glass" windows. However, it appears that the Cybertruck has a weak spot, and that is its massive windshield. Many owners reported that the Cybertruck's windshield cracks easily when pressed or hit by moderate objects.
Tesla arguably produces the best glass in the automotive industry. The glass roof on Tesla vehicles is renowned for withstanding huge forces. This makes them very safe in rollover crashes and rare cases when trees or other large objects fall on the roof. With the Cybertruck, Tesla went even further and developed what Elon Musk called "Armor Glass." This ultra-strong glass features layers of polymer composite "to absorb and redirect the impact force for improved performance and damage tolerance," as Tesla advertises.

Tesla Cybertruck windows have proven themselves in countless experiments, even though they failed during the original presentation in 2019. This encouraged Tesla fans to depict it as an Apocalypse vehicle that can withstand pretty much anything you can throw at it. The armor glass windows complement the Cybertruck's stainless steel exoskeleton, which is strong enough to stop rifle bullets.

However, the Cybertruck also has an Achilles heel, and that is too big to be ignored. Many owners have complained about the windshield cracking rather easily, at least compared to other vehicles. It turns out that the zombies could still kill you in an apocalypse as long as they aim at you through the windshield.

Tesla advertised the Cybertruck glass as being able to resist a direct hit and class-4 hail. Class 4 is the highest level of hail protection, withstanding the impact from a 2-inch (51 mm) hail ball dropped from 20 feet. It appears that this only applies to the side windows, though. One Cybertruck owner was disappointed that the windshield cracked after a moderate hail storm. Needless to say, no other vehicle parked next to the Cybertruck had windshield damage. This might have to do with how big the windshield is, thus being more prone to cracks.

Earlier this month, an Instagram video showed a skateboarder jumping on the Cybertruck's glass roof and falling on the windshield. This flexed visibly under the shock, which caused it to crack. Being so big and basically flat is a liability if something heavy presses on it. However, the Cybertruck's windshield doesn't need something as big as a skateboarder to damage it. A rock chip can also lead to cracked glass.

Granted, the owner who showed his cracked windshield on the Tesla CyberTruck Facebook group admitted that he was speeding at 85 mph (140 kph) when the rock hit. Although he couldn't see it coming, the loud bang he heard made him think it was big. Intriguingly, the Cybertruck windshield is almost horizontal and should've deflected the stone easily without cracking. However, this didn't happen, leaving the owner with an expensive repair bill.

After all, "glass is glass and glass breaks," as Zack from JerryRigEverything famously said in 2018. Replacing the Cybertruck windshield is not cheap, considering that Tesla asks $1,900 for the parts. Owners who had to replace it have shown repair estimates of around $2,300-$2,400, including labor. Having glass coverage on your insurance is a wise choice.
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