Tesla Cybertruck Makes Stop on the Moon on Its Way to Mars in Fan-Made CGI

Tesla Cybertruck on the Moon CGI 11 photos
Photo: Slav Popovski via Instagram
Tesla Cybertruck at Giga TexasTesla Cybertruck at Giga Texas
We have to hand it to Elon Musk, the Tesla Cybertruck does look in its element cresting the dunes and craters on the Moon. We’re not entirely sure whether that’s a compliment or not, but it seems to be the way things stand.
How can we know that? Well, first of all, it looks a bit out of place here on Earth so, logic tells us, it’s bound to appear more in its element in an alien environment such as the selenic one. But the real reason is this short clip made by 3D artist Slav Popovski that removes any need of using our imagination and leaves our eyes to do all the work.

The electric pickup truck is shown bouncing around the surface of our planet’s only natural satellite with it suspension extended due to the much lower gravity pull. The Cybertruck appears to be quite stock (if we can use that description for a vehicle that doesn’t sell yet), but it does feature a set of beefier tires. Thinking about it, that’s probably a good idea: the Tesla roadside assistance service isn’t great on Earth, so we imagine getting a spare on the Moon would take forever.

And since we’re taking all this so seriously, can we all stop for a second to admire the god-like grip strength of the astronaut chilling in the truck’s bed? He doesn’t move an inch despite the frantic bouncing around of the vehicle he’s in. We even suspected he might be a dummy – possibly one of “Starman’s” relatives – but then he turned his head to face the virtual camera, nipping that theory in the bud.

Before you ask, yes, we do feel a bit silly joking around like this, but since clips like this are only kind of news surrounding the long-awaited Cybertruck, our hands are pretty much tied. We would prefer to tell you how work on the production line for the electric pickup truck is progressing and how the 4680 battery development is on schedule, but we can’t because nobody really knows any of that. As we stand, the Cybertruck is still said to debut this year, but whether that’ll be a production of ten units held together with duct tape or an actual high-volume rollout remains to be seen. You might have a hunch about which of the two will happen, though.
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