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"Tesla Cybertruck Has the Perfect Design," Says Senior Renault Designer

When it comes to the Cybertruck, and more particularly its design, everyone has an opinion. They usually fall into one extreme or the other because there's no way this truck won't get a reaction from any warm-blooded living creature.
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It's been several months since the blow to the head that was its reveal, so everyone's had plenty of time to get to grips with the fact that this thing really exists and it'll really make it into production. Either that or Elon Musk has gone completely mad, which is hard to believe considering the latest SpaceX success.

But when you and I look at the Cybertruck, we see something that doesn't resemble any other vehicle on the road, past or present. We see something odd that seems taken out of the movie set of an '80s science fiction B movie. We see something we like or dislike, but our reaction is purely subjective.

When a designer looks at it, he's able to take it apart and see why the person who came up with it did things a certain way and not the other. It's like me tasting a mediocre chef's dish and thinking it is godlike, next to one of the most decorated chefs of this world giving it a go and quickly dumping the bite in the trash can thinking it was awful. Amateur versus pro.

This world has lots of car designers, but it looks like the Tesla Cybertruck has won the admiration of at least one. François Leboine, the man in charge of leading Renault's concept car division, thinks the electric pickup truck is the "perfect design," and also goes on to explain why.

The high praise came during a video conference with Australian journalists (via Tesmanian) where Leboine went into detail about what exactly makes the Cybertruck so special. “It's very funny because as a design exercise, [the Tesla Cybertruck] is touching the opposites,” he said. “On one hand it's the perfect design exercise to be iconic. Iconic of course for designers is the best because you become immediately recognizable and the world, you're detaching yourself from the world. And there is no better way to make you known and recognized than making a very simple, simplistic design and that is of course immediately iconic.”

People often joke about the Cybertruck and how easy it is to draw it: you only need a coin for the wheels and a ruler for the rest. You'd think simplicity was the easiest choice for a designer, and that might be true, but it very rarely is for the company building the product. That's what truly makes the Cybertruck so special: the fact Tesla is willing to bring it into production. It'll be interesting to see if its potential success will convince other brands to come up with more daring designs.
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