Tesla Cybertruck Drag Races Lamborghini Urus, One of Them Gets Absolutely Destroyed

Tesla Cybertruck vs. Lamborghini Urus 6 photos
Photo: Screenshot Youtube | CarWow Indonesia
Tesla Cybertruck vs. Lamborghini UrusTesla Cybertruck vs. Lamborghini UrusTesla Cybertruck vs. Lamborghini UrusTesla Cybertruck vs. Lamborghini UrusTesla Cybertruck vs. Lamborghini Urus
Some of you may be wondering: which one is faster in a quarter-mile battle between the Tesla Cybertruck and the Lamborghini Urus?
CarWow Indonesia recently answered this question, putting Mat Watson behind the wheel of the Tesla Cybertruck in the range-topping configuration christened the Cyberbeast. This model boasts a tri-motor setup, with one at the front and two at the rear. It has 845 hp (857 ps/630 kW) and 686 pound-foot (930 Nm) of torque.

The official spec sheet reveals that the Cyberbeast takes a neck-snapping 2.6 seconds to reach sixty mph (97 kph) from zero, yet at 130 mph (210 kph), the top speed could be a bit higher, especially in a head-to-head battle with an exotic crossover that was born at the Sant'Agata Bolognese facility. The Urus is in the pre-facelifted configuration, so it is a hair slower than the S, Performante, and SE.

A quick look on Lamborghini's website reveals that this model is exactly one second slower to sixty mph. However, while it may lack in this department, its top speed is far superior. The original Urus maxes out at 190 mph (305 kph) and uses a 4.0L bi-turbo V8 with 641 hp (650 ps/478 kW) and 627 pound-foot (850 Nm) of torque.

Tesla Cybertruck vs\. Lamborghini Urus
Photo: Screenshot Youtube | CarWow Indonesia
It is crystal clear which one holds the upper ground in terms of sheer power and off-the-line performance as the balance tilts in favor of Tesla's Cyberbeast. However, we also have to tell you that this electric pickup is way heavier than the Urus, as it tips the scales at around 6,800 pounds (almost 3.1 tons), whereas the Lambo is nearly one ton lighter (4,850 lbs/2.2 tons).

If we were to take a blind guess, we'd say that the Cyberbeast will annihilate off-the-line, yet once the Urus' V8 motor starts deploying power to both axles, it might eventually catch up to the point where we'd have a photo finish. However, things are quite different in the real world, and there is a strong possibility that we're wrong, as anything could happen in such a battle.

Now, we know the outcome of the drag races from a standing and a rolling start, yet we're not going to spoil the video by telling you which one was faster. However, we will highlight the fact that one of these two got annihilated at the end of the quarter-mile run. From a standing start, one of them did 11.2 seconds, and the other was clocked at 12.3 seconds. To conclude the head-to-head battle, CarWow also set up a braking test.

So, if you were to place a little bet, which of the two would you say has the most potential to complete the 1/4-mile run first? Would it be the Cyberbeast or the Urus? Head on down to see if you were right.

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