Tesla Could Make the Next Model S Cybertruck-Inspired

Tesla Cybersedan 1 photo
Photo: Andrei Nedelea/Tesla for autoevolution
The world gasped when the Tesla Cybertruck rolled onto the scene at its official launch venue.
We’re pretty sure many attendees (as well as some of those watching the live stream) at first thought it was a joke, and that the “real” Tesla pickup would be presented after this ridiculous, futuristic triangle on wheels. But no, that was the actual production Tesla pickup, set to enter production next year.

Scouring the internet for reactions to the Cybertruck, they ranged from ones suggesting it was still a joke, to ones that were more serious from people who were expecting a more conventional truck. But a big part of reactions were also ones along the lines of “ Shut up and take my refundable $100! “ hinting at the (refundable) amount required to make a reservation for a Cybertruck, as well as showing genuine interest for it.

And, in spite of all negative (or just plain perplexed) opinions, Elon Musk just reported that Tesla has received 200,000 orders for its new truck - that’s probably even crazier than the way the truck looks. At least even those who claim they like it are not also stating that they think it’s good looking and that they fancy it because of its aesthetic qualities.

And this got me thinking that maybe Tesla could go even more nuts than it did with the Cybertruck and replace the next Model S with a Cybersedan borrowing the same styling language. Or, if the Model S doesn’t get fully replaced by this model, maybe the Tesla Cybersedan could be a new and different model to go along next to the Cybertruck in the home garage.

So I proceeded to try to turn the Cybertruck into a Cybersedan and the result looks like a post-apocalyptic take on a classic Aston Martin Lagonda sedan, reimagined in the not too distant future. It would definitely sell if Tesla actually made a sedan that looked like this, and this is not something I would have ever thought I'd be saying in a pre-Cybertruck world...
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