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Tesla Confirms Model 3 Is on Schedule and Will Be Revealed This March

There has been a bit of turmoil over the Internet today, but that’s not exactly something new for the good old world wide web. Besides Facebook’s net profit figures, the other hot subject was related to Tesla Motors (which isn’t that unexpected either).
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It feels like it was only yesterday that we were waiting for the Model X to be launched, and now we’re just a little over one month away from the company’s next big moment: the unveiling of the so-called Model 3.

Tesla was feeling a bit cheeky and wanted to name this new vehicle Model E, so that when you put the entire range together, you'd get S, X, and E - but not necessarily in this order. You see, these bigshot CEOs are nothing but teenage pranksters. Not to mention that a fourth possible model will get the Y moniker, extending the joke even further. You have to wonder, though, what would a sixth model be called?

Fortunately, Tesla still has plenty of time to think about that, as there are no plans of expanding that far yet. What’s important now is that the Model 3 (which is leet for E, in case you missed it) is said to be coming along just nicely, sticking to its pre-set schedule, unlike you-know-who (yes, Model X, we’re looking at you).

There was an article on Electrek today that claimed Tesla was going to launch not one, but two models in March, which meant the sexiness would have been completed in just one big move. That will undoubtedly happen at some moment, but Tesla Motors was quick to point out that it won’t be this March. That event will be dedicated to the Model 3 and Model 3 alone.

And you do get the feeling the Model 3 doesn’t need company to keep us entertained. Just in case you forgot, this is the sub-$30,000 Tesla we’ve been promised, the chance for everyone to become part of Elon Musk’s ambition of electrifying the streets all over the world. Well, everyone with $30,000 to spend on a new car.

Not much has been confirmed about the Model 3, but since Musk is the kind of guy who easily gets excited and can’t contain it, we do know it will be roughly the size of a BMW 3 Series thanks to some of his tweets. That means a perfectly functional sedan with room for five (theoretically, more like four in reality) and plenty of storage space, especially if the “frunk” stays.

It’s still unclear how that severe drop in price will be achieved, but 2WD, a cabin made out of more affordable materials as well as restricted access to the Superchargers could be some of the measures employed. We’re only a little over one month away from March, so if we can wait one year for the next Game of Thrones season without losing our minds, I guess we can pull this off as well.


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