Tesla Confirms Cybertruck Prototypes and Updates Timeline

The last few weeks have seen lots of speculation that multiple Cybertruck prototypes are being tested,, and now we have confirmation from Tesla themselves.
Elon Musk and the Tesla Cybertruck 6 photos
Tesla Cybertruck spottingTesla Cybertruck spottingTesla Cybertruck spottingTesla Cybertruck spottingTesla Cybertruck spotting
The report comes directly from a shareholders meeting and offers us some deeper insights into the project as well. The last Cybertruck seen in public featured wing mirrors and windshield wipers. Weeks ago, another Cybertruck prototype was spotted without door handles.

These steps forward are quiet progress that seems strange for Tesla. Typically the company seems to lionize any positive press regardless of how small. Regardless, it's exciting to hear that the Cybertruck is just that much closer to production.

We know a few things about the angular beast. We know that its production line is in Austin, Texas. We also know that Tesla originally planned to sell the Cybertruck for as little as $39,990. Of course, recently Tesla removed all pricing data from the website.

That move had everyone concerned that production was much further off than Tesla has told us. Now, it looks like it's actually closer than expected. Musk has recently said that full-scale production won't start until at least 2023.

During the shareholder meeting, one executive said, "And they point out some important additions like rear steering, the product is pretty much true to the original vision, but there are also some smaller or less visible improvements. We will continue to develop the product in beta and launch it by next year."

That's right. Not only do we expect to see the Cybertruck begin production next year, but now we know there are more prototypes and there will be some features nobody even knows about. We've known about rear-steering but "less visible improvements" points to just that.

We're excited to find out exactly what that means. Sincerely we're very hopeful that Tesla shocks the world and starts production without much fanfare. It would be even better if they announced an important press conference update and then proceeded to tell us all that the first 100 owners had their Cybertrucks and that 5,000 or more were about to be delivered.


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