Tesla Autonomous Transportation Platform and Pods - One Big Party on Wheels

What we are looking at is a modular platform system branded Tesla. Well, at least it could be some day. This is the work of a gentleman named Fabio Martins, a transportation designer out of Lisbon Portugal.
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Photo: Fabio Martins
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It’s called the Tesla Pods and Platform. What it is on the other hand is a bit odd, but not really new. The idea revolves around a platform that allows for a diverse number of capsules to be placed on top. Each capsule, however, does have a predetermined function. But we’ll get into that a bit later.

First thing is first. We have seen this sort of design already on the REE, and that’s a palpable object. So why should this matter? Well, if Tesla ever decides to take over the modular platform business, this may be one of the designs they consider.

To start, the design is meant to be 100% autonomous. In theory it’s equipped with Lidar, Radar, ultrasonic and optical sensors, all focused on giving the platform full level five autonomy. This allows the system to fulfill transportation needs while in complete safety as all driver error is excluded. That leaves only electrical components and AI to malfunction.

Tesla Pod/Platform
Photo: Fabio Martins
This design, however, is more than just a platform. Through the installation of Tesla Pod hubs, citizens can request the type of vehicle configuration that is best suited to their needs. Here is where it all happens.

Let's say you need to get to work and so you require just a personal vehicle. You go to the nearest hub and order the vehicle you need from one of the screens found in front of the building and wait. Seconds later, a platform arrives in front of you and a mechanical arm lowers the ordered pod atop the frame. You just get in and sleep for the remaining 20-minute journey. Or drink your coffee and smoke your cigarettes, if you enjoy a Slavic breakfast.

Let’s rewind 20-minutes or so and say that instead of heading to work, it’s Saturday, and you and a group of friends are heading to a ball game. All gathered out in front of the building, you order the shuttle pod or public transport pod. Just as the name implies, you are able to carry a group of citizens to the desired location. This time however, everyone is getting ready for the game by doing their favorite chants and maybe even having a drink or two.

Tesla Pod/Platform
Photo: Fabio Martins
The final ability of the platform is as a merchandise transportation system. Just like the Next driverless pod, this too is meant to deliver packages to your door while functioning solely without a driver. All of it through GPS and the above-mentioned systems.

But the platform itself is something of a miracle. The design seems to be in line with vehicles seem to be developing at this time. But design aside, it also has some functions. This platform is designed with four independent motors and steering systems. Each wheel is able to turn independently and pulls with the needed power to carry unevenly distributed loads. Do we really have to mention that it clearly is an electric design?

You know, it seems that with the advancement of autonomous driving and systems, people are getting used to the idea of partying while just kicking it at the wheel. Sounds like the future is just one big party. We sure hope so.
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