Tesla Advertising Electric Bikes Showing a Ducati: WTF of the Day

The fact that Tesla is a huge success in the automotive industry needs no proof, so a move to the two wheeled word is not exactly a surprise. As long as their cars seem to blow the competition away, we have good reasons to believe that Tesla is at least considering going 2-wheel, as some of the technologies which led to the affirmation of the brand could maybe be adapted to the motorcycle world, too.
Allegedly Tesla will build electric motorcycles. But what does this Ducati have to do with that? 1 photo
Photo: Tesla Motorcycle (Youtube)
Obviously, the biggest problem electric motorcycles have is the limited space for the batteries. As opposed to cars, whose storage can accommodate large battery packs to last for hundreds of miles a charge, the size and weight of the electric motorcycles are their very drawback.

Mystery Tesla M

A new video has surfaced on Youtube advertising a certain Model M, leading the viewers into believing that Tesla is planning to reveal an electric motorcycle in the upcoming summer. The account name is even Tesla Motorcycle and the video editing is something more than what occasional pranks show. Of course, if this is a hoax, the author(s) had all the reasons to make it look as legit as possible.

However, if you were expecting to see some sort of a Tesla prototype, you’ll be disappointed. The video only shows a guy riding a Ducati on the wet city streets. Why is this being showed to us is beyond the power of our understanding.

Likewise, in case this is a hoax, there is a very big change that Tesla will ask Youtube to remove the video and maybe terminate the account. We are trying to delve deeper in this story and determine whether there are any real plans of seeing a Tesla motorcycle in the future. Like we said before, using some of the technologies which made the current Tesla cars become famous to build an equally spectacular motorcycle is not that far out.

Plus, we’d really like to see Tesla jumping into the electric motorcycle game as a new, strong competitor, as well. Would you go Tesla if they went motorcycle?

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