Tesla Adds the Ability To Track Tire Wear in Upcoming 2023.20 Software Update

After it offered the option to track uneven tire wear and warn drivers when tire tread depth gets too low, Tesla went one step further to track tire wear continuously. The new feature has been spotted in the release notes of the 2023.20 update, which is expected to roll out to Tesla vehicles in the coming weeks.
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Tesla adds the ability to track tire wearTesla adds the ability to track tire wearNew Update Allows Your Tesla Car To Know When the Tires Are Worn OutNew Update Allows Your Tesla Car To Know When the Tires Are Worn OutNew Update Allows Your Tesla Car To Know When the Tires Are Worn Out
While everyone has been watching the FSD Beta updates for the past year, the regular updates offered to the cars that don't have FSD activated are just as important. Tesla is known for continuously improving user experience with new features added regularly, and that is not set to change. In April, Tesla pushed the 2023.12 update, introducing many new features. The most important were the improved Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) system and the wiper speed adjustment via the left scroll wheel.

Tesla insiders found out that Tesla is testing a new update with the number 2023.20. Although it doesn't appear as feature-rich as the previous update, it's far from lacking in this department. One particular change brings an important safety feature to Tesla vehicles by tracking tire wear. The release notes seen by Not a Tesla App show that Tesla will be able to display how many miles it traveled since the last tire service. In order to work, the owner (or service technician) would have to reset the counter when the tires are rotated, replaced, or swapped.

Although the release notes don't offer more detail, the new feature needs much more than that to become really helpful. For once, it should allow tracking at least two sets of tires (winter/summer). Secondly, knowing how many miles a tire has been used doesn't say much about tire wear or the replacement timeline. After all, different driving styles can lead to more accelerated wear, and weight, road conditions, and tire pressure are also known to influence the results. We know Tesla can do better than that, thanks to another feature introduced two years ago.

With the 2021.22.5 software update, Tesla vehicles got the ability to tell when tires are wearing unevenly or when the tread depth is too low. Basically, the computer monitors the wheel rotation speed, knowing that it will rotate faster as the tire wears out. When the difference is significant, it can issue a warning to schedule a tire service for inspection and, depending on the situation, rotation or replacement.

Based on this feature, it wouldn't be too hard for a Tesla to predict when the tires would reach their limits. By tracking the rate at which the wheel rotation speed changes, Tesla's AI wizards could accurately predict the replacement date. For now, it is too early to know what Tesla had in mind with the new feature. Hopefully, this would be more useful than a specialized smartphone app that tracks vehicle maintenance.
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