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Terrence Ross's Limited-Edition Lamborghini Urus Was Stolen and Totaled

Just because you’re rich doesn’t mean the pain of losing something is any smaller. Just ask NBA pro Terrence Ross, who had his precious, limited-edition Lamborghini Urus stolen and totaled this week.
Terrence Ross gave a glimpse of his orange Urus, a surprise birthday present, in February 36 photos
On Tuesday, the Orlando Magic player posted a video to his Instagram titled simply “RIP to my urus.” The caption is brief, but the video isn’t: in more than five minutes’ worth of footage, Ross explains how he woke up to a call from the Orlando Police about the recovery of the car he did not know had been stolen. You can see the post in full at the bottom of the page.

On Monday, Ross had the local Lamborghini dealership send over a tow truck to take his Urus, which had experienced a flat tire. The next morning, as noted above, police called him to inform him that they had recovered the car—the same car he had no idea had been stolen from the dealership lot as he slept.

According to Ross, thieves smashed the dealership's window and gained access inside. Then they just snatched one of the key sets lying around to see which car it matched. It matched his bright orange Urus, which they then took for a joyride. It would be a short one because one tire on the luxury SUV popped (Ross doesn’t say whether it was the same one he’d been having issues with) as the police gave chase, and they crashed into the side of a building, totaling the vehicle.

Orlando PD tells ClickOrlando that the thieves fled on foot and are still on the run. They made their way to the dealership in another stolen car, which they abandoned for the Urus.

For Ross, the loss is enough to bring him on the verge of tears at one point in the video. “It was the greatest car I ever had,” he says, explaining how he got it as a surprise for his 30th birthday a few months before and how much he’d driven (and enjoyed) it since.

The NBA star shot the video while checking out the inventory at the same Orlando, Florida dealership his Urus was stolen from. He needs a new car, but his heart seems set on the Urus, and therein lies his problem: the special spec it had, with the orange exterior and black interior, is in very high demand right now, which means he can’t get one exactly like it right away.

“So now I’m back to basics, car shopping,” Ross adds before saying he’ll go cry in a corner over his totaled Urus.

Editor's note: The gallery shows the standard version of the Lamborghini Urus.


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