Ten Gifts for Your Pickup That Will Make Both You and Your S.O. Happy

We know that car upgrades are expensive, and no, those air fresheners are not considered true vehicle upgrades. At most, they might be called “mood changers” since they'll annoy you as they swing under the rearview mirror. So today we'll try to suggest you a few real upgrades that will make you and your significant other happier inside your pickup. Make her feel safe and comfortable, and that will bring happiness to both of you
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Remember that piece of fine lingerie you bought her? Well, that was as much as a gift for her as it was for you, admit it. If you are a car guy like me or any other car-person, it's like when you buy a new 5-in lift kit for your truck. It makes your pickup looks better and also makes you feel more confident when crossing the next pond or rock area: you'll both enjoy it. If she's a pickup girl, she already knows that things might get messy from time to time and will appreciate your concern.

Outter roll cage
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Making her feel confident in your truck is essential, but that doesn't mean you can buy a roll cage and tell her: "I did it for you, baby, so that you won't get hurt." That would scare her on your next off-road trip since it would be a reminder that you can roll-over or crash. Not to mention that you might get a concussion by that cage if you or your partner won't wear a helmet. Mind you, if you get a new pair of seats with cushions and high bolstering, that will make her feel comfortable. It's a win-win situation. Just make sure those are heated seats, which will prove useful in cold-morning starts.

We all know that a big AT tire increases comfort and improves traction. What? You already have a 35-inch one? Get a bigger one or get a smaller set of alloy-wheels and increase the tire's side-wall. They will work even better if you already installed a 5-inch lift kit with stiffer dampers/springs.

Install an infotainment system on her side with a retractable screen (anything north side of a 10-inch should do it) and a big LTE or 5G data subscription plan. Thus, your significant other will enjoy the ride better and, moreover, won't get bored while you'll talk outside with your pals in the parking lot. At least not after five minutes.

Getting her in the woods and starving her to death won't do any good for any of you, trust me on this one. That's why a two-burner tailgate barbecue grille might be a good idea. If you got that one, you could get a portable refrigerator which will work well for food or beer, whatever works.

trailer bbq grille
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If you're running low on cash or time, just get a complete clean-up for your rig and put some flower-scent air fresheners inside the car (not hanging ones). Maybe that won't impress her, but at least it won't ruin (entirely) your day if you're getting home later than expected.

Show your guy your taste for his pickup. He'll be head over heels!

For a guy, a present that is not useful is just something that will stay in his way and eventually end up "lost" in the trash bin. That's not something new, but finding something he can use on the car might be a little trickier than you think. A guy usually takes care of what he gets for his pickup, but sometimes, he won't buy things either because they are too expensive.

Girls, don't expect a guy to be really impressed if you'll buy him a set of Mastercraft gloves and call it a day. He will thank you and put a big smile on his face, but that gift will remind him that he has to fix things here and there all the time. But if you are getting him a nice pair of driving gloves, that's a different story. He'll love you for that. Just be careful: there are different gloves for different cars. Finding the right ones might be tricky, but worth trying.

Some might think that if you get him a new truck, he'll be happy as a lark. Not necessary. If he loves his truck and already spent a lot of time working on it, a new one will just make him feel like he lost the time with the car he already loves to drive, and you have not appreciated it, which would make things worse. Well, if he's not a jerk, he will smile and say, "thanks, honey."

Ford Raptor in desert
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If he enjoys going off-road, a roll-cage might be a good idea to keep both of you safe. That will allow you to buy yourself a nice helmet. Just make sure you get the roll-cage with thick padding on it. Sometimes he won't wear a helmet, and bumping his head into one of those is unpleasant, to say the least.

Connecting with others while going off-road is a great idea. That's why a CB Radio and antenna are handy in remote areas where the phones are useful just for playing Candy Crush. If he already has one, try to find other accessories such as an external speaker or a signal amplifier.

A power washer might be another good idea if you are tired of that dirty driveway. Just don't get anything under a hundred bucks. Those are for a small hatchback, not for a pickup. If he already has an expensive one, maybe it's time for some accessories or washing liquids. That will help him fix the next year's Valentine's Day by picking you up for the date in a clean truck.

Power washer
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Gift for both? Sure! Just send the kids somewhere for a few days, jump in that rig, and go to a lodge or something. Don't forget the corkscrew!
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