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Teen to The Thief That Stole His New Corsa: “You're a Better Driver Than Me”

British teen Alex Cooper found his new Corsa limited edition three hours after it was taken from him by an unidentified reaver. Problem is, the thief managed to score a 10 out of 10 score on the car’s safety system, making a better driver than the actual owner of the car. What is even better, the crook managed to help the guy with his insurance costs.
Alex Cooper's Opel Corsa 1 photo
Alex Cooper from Oldham, England lost his smile, yesterday evening, when he realized that his brand new Vauxhall Corsa was stollen outside the skip hire company where he is working, the Manchester Evening News reported.

Now here comes the good part. The 17-year old driver had a telematics unit installed to reduce his insurance costs, that actually lowers the price by how good you score while you're driving. According to the source, the burglar hit a 10 out of 10 score, which unwittingly helped the owner of the car. The car system, which works like a black box, measures speed, acceleration, smoothness and control - giving a score for each journey.

So, after using the GPS to locate the car he got it back with only small damage. The teenager was surprised to notice not only his £13,000 ($21, 900) car was in a good shape, but that the thief was a better driver than him.

Alex only managed to score 7.9 on his way to work, that day. “I found it quite funny that he drove better than me!”, Alex said after he got his car back.

Although it is a supermini, its popularity seems to be pretty high considering that from the first one ever sold in Britain, on 2 April 1993, sales of the Corsa units had reached 1,371,573.

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