Teen Crashes Audi and Posts the Video on Youtube

One Middleton teenager thought he managed to get away after crashing his Audi S4 B5, but he was obviously wrong. He tried to make a big deal out of it and posted the video of his deed on youtube, which gave the Dane County Sheriff’s Office more reasons to closely investigate this case.

The incident happened earlier this month on a stretch of Highway 18-151 south of Verona. Mom&Dad made the mistake of buying the kid a car (and not any car, but an S4), so the high school teenager took his friends out for a ride late in the evening.

It wasn’t enough that he was speeding and lost control at 155 mph, one of his friends also videotaped their adventure. Luckily, the minor crash that ensued left none hurt.

According to Channel 3000 via Jalopnik, Momma’s boy was only cited for imprudent speed.

So you speed, you loose control, you crash. You have passengers in the car. You get away with it. What’s to do next? Play it ‘cool’.  You take the footage of your ‘bravery’ and post it on YouTube, so anybody can see how ‘cool and smart’ you are.

A couple of thousands visitors don’t make you a star. But just when you thought you are out of luck, the police also see the video. And there you go! You've made it to the media! Smiling already?

Not if you are our teenager. Due to that video, the authorities are now consulting with the district attorney in order to bring additional charges to the teen driver.

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