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Tecnomar's Newest Glory Is the EVO 120 Yacht: Shames Most Others Before It
You've heard of the Tecnomar and Lamborghini collaboration that sparked several units of an extraordinary ship. Well, Tecnomar is at it again, this time, unveiling the newest EVO 120 yacht.

Tecnomar's Newest Glory Is the EVO 120 Yacht: Shames Most Others Before It

New EVO 120New EVO 120New EVO 120 InteriorNew EVO 120 LoungeNew EVO 120 InteriorNew EVO 120 BathroomNew EVO 120 Bathroom
Ladies and gentlemen, Tecnomar is considered by some to be the go-to team for a luxurious and stylish vessel to brandish your financial status to the world.

Tecnomar has been around since 1987 and was born in Viareggio, Italy. At first, what set Tecnomar apart from other manufacturers was its ability to masterfully craft 20-meter (65.6-foot) boats and yachts. Today, the motion of the ocean remains the same, but the size of the boats has changed.

One of the new machines this crew has unveiled is the EVO 120, but the new one. There's another EVO 120 in the Tecnomar lineup, but this is the fresh version, and boasting a design and styling I can't take my eyes off; I think that's the idea.

First of all, if you haven't had a look in the gallery, please do so; it's truly the best way to see what Tecnomar has done with this one.

Unlike other yachts, the EVO 120 is completed solely by in-house crews. The Italian Sea Group, of which Tecnomar is a part, is both the builder and naval architect. Exterior styling is completed by Tecnomar Centro Stile. With a length of 36.6 meters (120 feet) and a beam of 8.0 meters (26.2 feet), there's plenty of room to play. How much room? Well, as it stands, the 120 features room for up to 12 guests and five crew members.

What the manufacturer chose to do with the 120 is blend style, functionality, and efficiency into one luxurious package. That luxury comes from decades of interior design and a "use of precious and rare materials."

Like most other ships this size, the 120 features an exclusive exterior deck in order to help guests take advantage of the elements and peace that the sea brings. Forward-facing lounge beds and pads sit elevated above an entry into the hull.

The cockpit is encountered towards the rear, while aft, two exterior decks allow for alfresco dining and access to the waters below. On the other hand, you can just jump off the yacht in utter excitement from anywhere.

Long fluid lines offer the exterior design a sleek and menacing feel that screams exclusivity and speed. Speaking of speed, EVO 120 can reach 20-knot (23-mph) speeds thanks to two MTU V12 M96L engines with 1,432 kW (1,920 hp) output each.

Inside the EVO, the fluidity of the hull design is continued with cues applied to furniture and accessories. Furniture features rounded edges, denoting the level of knowledge and experience this crew has. After all, when you're flying around at 20 knots and hit a small wave, you're going to be glad edges are rounded.

Large lateral windows allow natural light into the interior, but drapes and LED lighting take over if you want some privacy. Walls seem to be made of composites and accented with semiprecious metals.

Inside, the owner will be living it up in a full-beam cabin while guests are housed in a VIP cabin and two guest cabins. At the bow, crew quarters will be found. Don't worry about cooking a meal or keeping yourself clean, as the EVO 120 has it all.

As for the question on everyone's mind, the new EVO 120 doesn't show a price listed yet. Taking into consideration yachts like these are custom jobs, a price is hard to pinpoint. However, past EVO 120s have sold for as little as 13 million EUR (14.7 million USD). You better have been a really good kid to get this for Christmas.


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